iRay USA RICO G-LRF – Laser Rangefinding Thermal Weapon Sight

    RICO G-LRF - Laser Rangefinding Thermal Weapon Sight

    iRay USA has just announced the RICO G-LRF, their first Rugged Infrared Compact Optics (RICO) that includes an integrated laser rangefinder. The new series comes in two models; the GL35R (384-288-35mm) and the GH50R (640-480-50mm). The model is called Geni in other markets.

    iRay USA @ TFB:

    The GL35R uses a 12μm thermal detector with 384×288 resolution, 35mm focal length objective lens, and a 1024×768 OLED display. There is an integrated laser rangefinding module (LRF) to measure distances between 10 to 1,000 meters with a ±1 m accuracy. The single 26650 battery is said to provide power for up to 7 hours.

    Some of the features of the new RICO G-Series LRF Thermal riflescope.


    Here is the new product announcement from the iRay USA:

    The RICO G-LRF is the first addition to InfiRay Outdoor’s family of Rugged Infrared Compact Optics(RICO) to include an integrated laser rangefinder. Designed as a more compact and affordable alternative to it’s full size RICO Mk1 counterpart, the RICO G-LRF is available in two models; 384×288 35mm and 640×480 50mm.

    Although smaller in size, the RICO G-LRF still maintains many familiar RICO Mk1 characteristics including a 4 button layout, compatibility with the AD-RQD quick release mount, similar software style and menu functions, high speed germanium objective optics, and an HD OLED display. In addition to the features it carries over from the Mk1, the G-LRF brings never-before-seen features to market for InfiRay Outdoor including a new high density 26650 battery configuration, and InfiRay Outdoor’s newly integrated high performance 905nm LRF micro-module. This advanced class 3R LRF module uses the latest technology in laser ranging to decrease physical laser input receiver size while maintaining accuracy and range capabilities of modules that are much larger, heavier, and more power hungry.

    Other notable design characteristics to achieve the desired smaller stature are a smaller chassis, shorter eyepiece focal length, barrel-style manual focus objective optics, and a high density battery configuration. All these features combined make the RICO G-LRF an excellent option for hunters that need no more than 4(GH50R) or 7(GL35R) hours per battery swap and require decreased size and a integrated rangefinder. A single 26650 battery was chosen to power the system as a space saving and high value alternative to multi battery designs. 26650 style batteries are commercial off the shelf and widely available across the globe from premium battery manufactures such as NITECORE.
    The RICO G-Series LRF seamlessly blends InfiRay Outdoor’s industry-leading 12μm detector technology, a built-in laser range-finding module and an intuitive user interface in a single product.

    Here are the detailed technical specifications:

    Laser Rangefinding Thermal Weapon Sight

    According to the iRay USA’s website, the MSRP is between $3,799 and $5,499 for the 50 mm version. 

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