POTD: German Snipers in European Best Sniper Team Competition

Eric B
by Eric B

It’s time for TFB’s Photo Of The Day where we do our best to display the excellent work done by so many photographers around the world. These images are from Die Bundeswehr in Bayern and show German Snipers in the European Best Sniper Team Competition. There were soldiers from the 231st Mountain Infantry Battalion and the 26th Parachute Regiment competing at the Hohenfels military training area. At the end of the event, the team from Greece won.

The rifle above is the new G22A2 in .300 Winchester Magnum and the H&K G28 in 7.62x51mm. The pistol below is the 9x19mm H&K P8 pistol. The P8 is made by Heckler & Koch.

Below: Stalking, then first shots from 400 meters.
Below: “Challenge Unknown Distance”.
In total, there were 36 sniper teams from 18 nations, mainly from NATO. In the end, the victory went to a team from Greece, followed by a team from Latvia, followed by Italian snipers in third place.

Come back tomorrow for another run of our Photo Of The Day. We’re always on the lookout for the best firearms-related images out there, with the goal to give your eyes something worth watching every day.

Photo and caption source: German Bundeswehr / Schulze
Eric B
Eric B

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