POTD: MK-18 Mod 0 Inspired SBR

    MK-18 Mod 0

    What time is it? It’s time for TFB’s Photo Of The Day where we do our best to display the excellent work done by so many photographers around the world. This is the first time we have images from the talented photographer Eli Duckworth known as 1776_duck on Instagram. With around 32,000 followers, he’s got a great portfolio, and we encourage you to take a look. Here you’ll see a few photos of an MK-18 Mod 0 inspired SBR that he assembled.

    The build list includes:

    • Colt Factory 10.3 in Upper Receiver & Barrel.
    • Knights Armament RAS (& panels).
    • Gangster Grip Guy Modified “Gangster Grip”.
    • Surefire M951.
    • Chopped Colt carry handle to make rear sight.
    • EoTech 518
    • Brownells A1 Lower Receiver
    • Geissele Two-Stage Trigger and LPK
    • Geissele Super 42 Spring and H2 Buffer
    • B5 CAR Stock
    • Hub City Outdoors GP MK1 Sling

    What do you think about the build and the quality of the photos? Let us know in the comments below.

    Come back tomorrow for another run of our Photo Of The Day. We’re always on the lookout for the best firearms-related images out there, and we promise to have something worth watching.

    Image by Eli Duckworth (1776_duck)