Lingle Industries GHM9/APC9 Scorpion Mag Lower

    apc9 scorpion mag

    B&T mag prices got you down? Standard capacity mags for their popular APC9 pistols usually run between $60 and $75. Thankfully, Lingle Industries has just made its new GHM9/APC9 Scorpion mag lower available for sale on their website. CZ Scorpion mags are much easier to find and can be had at between a third to half the price of the stock B&T magazines, and if you’re a mag hoarder like I am, the price of this lower can be quickly made up for in the cost savings.

    B&T @ TFB:

    apc9 scorpion mag

    The APC9 Scorpion Mag Lower

    The APC9/GHM9 Scorpion Lower uses Scorpion Evo style magazines as well as AR-15 trigger groups, grips and safety selectors.  Please see below for additional parts needed to complete your build!
    ***This lower is not a firearm and does NOT need to be shipped to an FFL***
    – Fits both the B&T APC9 and GHM9 firearms.
    – Ambidextrous bolt catch installed in the lower.
    – Flared magwell for easier magazine insertion.
    – Strike Industries magazine release included.
    – AR15 safety selector spring and detent included.
    – Compatible with most AR15 trigger groups and grips.  Triggers like the Fostech Echo or Rare Breed FRT-15 will not work in the lower.
    – Made from billet 7075 aluminum with a black Cerakote finish.
    – Weight = 10.5oz
    Additional Parts Needed:
    – AR15 Trigger Group
    – AR15 Safety
    – AR15 Pistol Grip
    Additional takedown pins can be purchased from B&T’s website.
    apc9 scorpion mag

    Top Down View of the APC0 Scorpion Mag lower.

    apc9 scorpion mag

    The APC9 Scorpion mag lower is available now for $365 directly from Lingle Industries. They also make a Scorpion mag lower for the Stribog and an AK mag lower for the CZ Bren 2. Are you a B&T owner? Is this something you would purchase for your pistol or carbine? Let us know in the comments below!

    All Images from the Lingle Industries Website.
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