New Cole-TAC Brain Bucket Bag

    Cole TAC Brain Bucket Bag

    Cole-TAC‘s Brain Bucket Bag has just been released. With a price starting at $125, it’s designed to provide a low-profile, lightweight protection for your half-shell helmet and night vision. There’s also an inside Velcro loop panel to mount your IR patches, strobes, and other helmet attachments.

    Cole TAC @ TFB:

    The bag is designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. For our European readers, it might be worth mentioning that there is also Cole TAC EU in Latvia, although some of the products don’t overlap.

    “Exterior drag handles make it easy to grab out of a duffel bag or off a team room shelf, and loops on either side of the drag handles make it easy to lash to an assault pack.”

    Below: The bag is available in Ranger Green, Coyote, Multicam, Multicam Black and Desert Night Camo.

    Here’s how Cole TAC describe their new product:

    Cole-TAC’s engineers designed our Brain Bucket Bag to keep your sensitive equipment safe and secure during storage and transport. This valuable addition to your kit shields helmets and night vision from UV rays, dust, shock, and prying eyes.

    Our Brain Bucket Bag opens along its entire length, making it easy to load and unload a fully kitted-out helmet with no snags. We padded the bag’s interior to improve shock resistance and keep your kit undamaged. A full panel of Velcro loop on the inside lets you keep a gallery of strobes, beacons, organizers, and IR patches handy.

    Two exterior drag handles make the Brain Bucket Bag comfortable to carry and quick to grab off a team room shelf. Loops on both sides of the drag handles also make it easy to lash the bag to a pack. An outside zipper pocket adds space for extra magazines or spare batteries, and a Velcro name tape spot on the front makes the bag easy to distinguish, helping you avoid team room mix-ups.

    Weighing in at only 11.33 ounces, Cole-TAC’s Brain Bucket Bag offers you impressive protection and storage for negligible kit-wide weight.

    Like all of Cole-TAC’s amazing gear, we proudly design and manufacture the Brain Bucket Bag in the U.S.A. and back it with our lifetime warranty. Whether you’re a frequenter of night-vision courses, a Texas hog hunter, or someone who wants to keep your tactical investments safe, the Brain Bucket Bag has you and your helmet covered every step of the way. Get one today and keep your headgear in fighting shape.


    • Full-length top-loading compartment
    • Full-length side-zipper pocket
    • Drag handles front & back
    • Velcro nametape area
    • Interior Velcro panel for blinkers, beacons, IR patches & battery packs

    The weight is 11.33 oz and the internal volume is 16 liters

    You can find a direct link here:

    What do you think about the Brain Bucket Bag and the new Desert Night Camo?

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