The Armory Knife Display by Holme & Hadfield

Eric B
by Eric B

Do you collect knives? Or just happen to have a bunch of them? The famous knife company Böker from the German City of Blades (Solingen) together with Holme & Hadfield have made The Armory Knife Display, an “armory” to store and display your loved pieces of metal.

EDC Knives @ TFB:

The cover is made from solid acrylic and the drawer is felt-lined to provide protection for your knife collection. It’s been designed to hold 25-30 knives unless you’re collecting axes and machetes. You can easily rotate the knives, or similar objects, that you want to have on display.

Here is the product announcement from Böker:

Let us introduce to you The Armory, the new bigger version of the successful knife display from our friends Holme & Hadfield. Based on the product suggestions of the knife community they created this beauty for all knife addicts to organize your knife collection. We love it!
The Armory knife display showcases your 7 favorite knives on the top deck while the drawer has 12 single knife slots and a big compartment to hold bigger knives or other gear. It holds almost all folding knives, max length 5 ¾ inch on display ⁠(4 ¾ inch in drawer). Available in two finishes (walnut and black) to suit different setups.
Holme & Hadfield has given us a 10% discount code for our Boker followers in the US – BOKEROFF10. It will be valid until September 25, 2022.
In Europe, you can find the product on Amazon. In the U.S. market, you can find it on
Below you can enjoy some more images of the display:

The dimensions are H 7 inch, W 15 inch and L 10.5 inch.

The Armory is yours for $194.95 and it arrives fully assembled.

What do you think? Is this something you need for your collection?

Eric B
Eric B

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  • John huscio John huscio on Aug 19, 2022

    Rather have a hidden compartment in the wall with a nice mix of knives/pistols/saps/extra mags ect in easy reach of my bed.

    • Steal the Moon Steal the Moon on Aug 19, 2022

      @john huscio I’d rather have a top secret lair in my basement that I access via a slide from my bedroom with a nice mix of high tech laser based weapons.

  • Derpmaster Derpmaster on Aug 19, 2022

    Wow, that case sure can fit a lot of virginity.