Glock Watch Global – Now Comes In Orange

    If you recall last year, Glock released two limited edition Glock watches – one for Europe and one for the US. They were limited to 4,000 units in Europe and just 3,500 units in the US. Well, now they are coming out with a new Glock Watch Global that comes in orange.

    Glock @ TFB:

    Glock Watch Global Specifications:

    GLOCK™ Watch Global

    Quality watch features
    • Elegant solar-powered Chronograph
    • Titanium case
    • Sapphire crystal glass
    • Water resistant to 10 ATM
    • Black mesh band plus an additional interchangeable orange silicone band
    • Luminous orange clock hands
    • Torture tested

    Design elements inspired by GLOCK pistols
    • nDLC coating on both the watch and the mesh band
    • Serrations on the case emulates the pistol slide
    • Rough texture on the silicone band is similar to the pistol frame

    Glock watch global in orange band

    Photo by Glock

    From the photos, it appears to have the same styling as the US release Glock watch. The Glock Watch Global looks to have the same style face only with orange accents rather than green. The European exclusive has a slightly different face design with yellow accents.  The back of the watch has a new engraved back plate. This time it has the continents surrounding the Atlantic Ocean engraved into it with the Glock logo in the middle.

    Photo by Glock

    Photo by Glock

    Just like the previous versions, the new Glock Watch Global comes with a silicone band that now is orange and with a similar-looking metal mesh band. One major departure with the Glock Watch Global is the case that it comes in. The US and European exclusive watches came in color-matching Glock pistol cases. The new Glock Watch Global appears to come in the same smaller accessories case as the Glock light and dummy rounds.

    Photo by Glock

    Another major change is the price tag. The Glock Watch Global retails for $299.99. That is $100 cheaper than the US and European exclusives. It seems the Glock Watch Global does not come with any swag like the patch (US version only) or a challenge coin. As mentioned earlier, the US and European watches were exclusives that were limited edition. The Glock Watch Global does not appear to be limited. At least the Glock website does not mention anything about limited numbers.

    For more information go to Glock’s website.

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