POTD: Finland’s Assault Rifle 7.62 RK 62

    Assault Rifle 7.62 RK 62

    Puolustusvoimat / The Finnish Defence Forces

    We’ve been running our Photo Of The Day article series for almost 10 years, and the archives keep growing every day. Today it’s time for the 7.62 RK 62, made in Finland. This is the second in a series of articles TFB is doing on some of the firearms used by the Finnish Army.

    Puolustusvoimat / The Finnish Defence Forces

    Here is what the Finnish Army says about their Assault Rifle 7.62 RK 62.

    The assault rifle is the standard weapon of the infantry and the personal weapon of all soldiers in the Finnish Defence Forces. It is a gas-operated, rotating bolt weapon, capable of semi-automatic or full-automatic fire.

    The assault rifle is an effective firearm for ranges up to 300 m. The round also easily penetrates body armour meant to protect against shrapnel, and composite helmets. The round is not, however, armour penetrating as such.

    The development of a Finnish assault rifle started in the 1950s. Finland looked at the service rifles of various countries, but the most important model was the Soviet-made AK-47 Kalashnikov.  The first series came out of the Valmet Ltd. factory in Tourula in 1960. The firearm was approved for use in the Defence Forces in 1962. In addition to Valmet, Sako Ltd. has also manufactured the assault rifle in Finland.

    In the course of 30 years, minor modifications have been made on basic model RK62. Improvements have been made on the stock, hand guard, grip and sights The basic structure, features and appearance have remained almost unchanged. In the 1980s and 1990s a new version, Assault rifle 7.62 RK 95 TP was developed. The 7.62 RK 62M entered service in the 2010s and is a modernised version of the old RK 62 with three different variants.

    Below you can see the basic technical specifications:

    Calibre: 7.62 x 39 mm
    Length: 94 cm
    Weight: weapon without magazine and accessories 3.5 kg, full 30 round magazine 0.8 kg
    Rate of fire: Semi-automatic 20-30 aimed shots per minute. Full-automatic: cyclic 700 rounds/min, including magazine changes 120-180 rounds/min
    Muzzle velocity: 715 m/s
    Effective range: Up to 300 metres
    Equipment: Iron sights for daytime use and tritium night sight
    The 7.62 RK 62 VV model can be mounted with an image intensifier
    Country of manufacture: Finland

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    Source for images and captions: Puolustusvoimat / The Finnish Defence Forces.