SILENCER SATURDAY #239: Top 5 Initial Impressions – HUXWRX FLOW 556k Suppressor

by Pete
SILENCER SATURDAY #239: Top 5 Initial Impressions – HUXWRX FLOW 556k Suppressor

Good afternoon everyone and welcome back to TFB’s Silencer Saturday brought to you by Yankee Hill Machine, manufacturers of the YHM R9 multi-host suppressor. Last week we got introduced to the Griffin Armament DUAL-LOK mount system that will be followed up with a video review later this month. This week we take a quick look at the HUXWRX FLOW 556k suppressor that is now commercially available. Should you buy one? If these five things are important to you, the answer is clear. Let’s take a look.


Editor’s Note: Like all of our reviews here at TFB, we don’t charge manufacturers, distributors, or dealers for any positive content. Yes, Silencer Saturday is sponsored by YHM, but none of that money comes directly to me and I am as objective as humanly possible for YHM reviews.

All of these suppressors are either purchased by me at retail pricing or on loan from companies. After the reviews are published, from time to time I purchase the suppressors and on more rare occasions I am allowed to keep them. I have never sold a review silencer that I haven’t purchased myself. All of these are kept in inventory for future reviews and comparisons.

I think it’s important that you know where I stand when it comes to review content and that I do my best to remain impartial.

SILENCER SATURDAY #239: Top 5 Initial Impressions – HUXWRX FLOW 556k Suppressor

As I mentioned last week, we are going to avoid the August heat by running some abbreviated previews of new suppressors and save the videos for cooler weather.

Previous to the latest generation of OSS Suppressors (now HUXWRX), it was a challenge to find reasons to purchase the heavier, more complex rifle silencers. Mounting systems, two piece sections, weights, and references to ‘reverse jet engine technology’ all contributed to actual and perceived detractors. With the introduction of the HX-QD and now the FLOW 556k, HUXWRX kept the flow-through technology while updating the designs to address weight and attachment concerns. It is not an easy task for a company to make such a significant pivot in both design and marketing. Let’s take a look at the top 5 initial impressions of the new FBI HRT suppressor.

I. The HUXWRX FLOW 556k is quiet*

No supersonic rifle round will ever be quiet to the shooter or close bystanders. But relative to other 5.56mm suppressors, the HUXWRX FLOW 556k is noticeably quieter to my ear than almost all other options on the market. The AEM5 still holds the title of “quietest” 5.56mm silencer, but at the obvious expense of weight and length. The Dead Air Sierra 5 is also impressive for its size. Shooting the FLOW 556k constantly for about a month I have noticed solid suppression for the shooter.

Pew Science released their report earlier this week and presented data that supports impressive at-ear suppression numbers on a 10.3” MK18 host.

PEW Science Research Note 9: The HUXWRX FLOW 556k is the only silencer tested by PEW Science on the standard MK18, to date, to achieve an at-ear (shooter) Suppression Rating in the 30-zone on the Suppression Rating Dose Chart. The reduction in hearing damage risk by the FLOW 556k on the MK18, to the weapon operator, is unprecedented in PEW Science testing and analysis. The combination of bystander and shooter signature suppression, as reflected in the Composite Suppression Rating, is also unprecedented for its size. – PewScience SSS 6.83, HUXWRX FLOW 556k and the MK18 5.56x45mm Short Barrel Automatic AR15 Rifle, August 3, 2022

II. The HUXWRX FLOW 556k is gas system neutral

I have been using a barrel/gas block combination that is well tuned for both suppressed and unsuppressed use. Compared to other suppressors, the FLOW 556k doesn’t exhibit any blowback, a change in ejection pattern, or an increased cyclic rate. At this point I would consider my observations anecdotal and I’m looking forward to using the new HUXWRX on various barrel lengths.

SILENCER SATURDAY #239: Top 5 Initial Impressions - HUXWRX FLOW 556k Suppressor

III. The HUXWRX FLOW 556k is short

Solid performance usually comes alongside additional weight. Like the Dead Air Sierra 5, I’d consider the FLOW 556k to be a borderline ‘K’ sized suppressor.

IV. The HUXWRX FLOW 556k is light

Adding weight to any platform is a negative, but at the end of a barrel it is exacerbated by lever forces. The longer the barrel and/or the heavier the weight will contribute to the potential for increased fatigue or greater point of impact shift. At under 12 ounces of raw weight, the FLOW 556k is lower than the average 5.56mm suppressor.

SILENCER SATURDAY #239: Top 5 Initial Impressions - HUXWRX FLOW 556k Suppressor

V. Additive manufacturing (3D printed) technology

Internal geometries that support efficient suppression and gas flow are difficult to create with traditional manufacturing methods. Following in the footsteps of companies like Delta P Design, SIG Sauer and others, HUXWRX is well positioned to continue design updates, different calibers, and possibly adding modularity in future releases.

SILENCER SATURDAY #239: Top 5 Initial Impressions - HUXWRX FLOW 556k Suppressor

We’ll bring you additional data and observations for the HUXWRX FLIW 556k in the weeks ahead. Thank you for reading. Be safe, have fun, and we’ll see you back here next week for another Silencer Saturday.

SILENCER SATURDAY #239: Top 5 Initial Impressions - HUXWRX FLOW 556k Suppressor

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  • Kinetics Kinetics on Aug 07, 2022

    Speaking of suppressors and FBI/DOJ contracts. KGM got a contract for a .30 cal can a little ago, supposedly to be used on the “Bureau pattern rifle”….does anyone know WTF this is?

    • See 3 previous
    • Aono Aono on Aug 08, 2022

      @HemingwaysBeard I think PRS as a community has fallen a bit behind the state of practice in this regard. Through trial and error they found their way to cans that help them shoot accurately, but this is almost always simply a can that uses concentric taper mounting and symmetric baffles. TBAC is the obvious one here. But Frank Galli for example runs an OSS because it also checks those boxes despite being basically pointless on a bolt action, or at least it has major opportunity cost for reducing sound.

      Area 419 is also a frustrating example. Their universal adapters found widespread popularity because of their tapered mounting surfaces and svelte form factors, but then they revealed that at some point they had changed the design to basically eliminate those same tapers from being a lockup factor - current 419 devices index on their flat shoulders and not their tapers. WTF? Jury is completely out on the efficacy of their cans.

      Then there's the whole prize table and sponsor aspects that completely distort "what the pros use" against "what the pros are paid/incentivized to use." That's long been a topic WRT scopes and so on. Bottom line is I would trust Jay's data over the preferences of PRS shooters, or at least prioritize it.

  • Andrew Sessions Andrew Sessions on Aug 14, 2022

    Thanks for the info!!

    I’m really torn between this and a CGS Helios qd ti. Does anyone know whether a longer barrel length optimizes one over the other? I want a quiet low gas 556 suppressor.

    Also-have you noticed whether flow through suppressors are louder indoors? I realize your hearing is still going to be wrecked in a home defense situation with a 556, but I want to find the best possible mitigating suppressor to make that damage as little as possible