POTD: Rim Of The Pacific Snipers

Eric B
by Eric B
POTD: Rim Of The Pacific Snipers

Do you love photography? Without it, TFB and TFBTV, would not be the same. We have been running our very special Photo Of The Day for years, sharing great photos from around the world and the world of firearms onto the doorstep of the screen you’re looking at right now. It may be difficult to spot in these images, but the location is the Marine Corps Base in Hawaii. Above you see a scout sniper with Weapons Company, Battalion Land Team, 3d Battalion, 4th Marine Regiment, Marine Air-Ground Task Force 7 (MAGFT-7), as he sights in on a target during a live-fire sniper range in support of Rim Of The Pacific (RIMPAC) 2022 exercise.

This RIMPAC exercise is the 28th in a series that began in 1971. Twenty-six nations, 38 ships, four submarines, more than 170 aircraft and 25,000 personnel are participating.

Below: An Australian scout sniper with Sniper Platoon, 2nd Royal Australian Regiment and U.S. Marine Corps Sgt. Timothy Bradley, a chief scout sniper with Weapons Company, Battalion Land Team, 3d Battalion, 4th Marine Regiment, Marine Air-Ground Task Force 7 (MAGFT-7), from Swampscott, Massachusetts, sights on targets.

Spotting, almost as important as the shooting.

Images by U.S. Marine Corps, Lance Cpl. Brayden Daniel.

Eric B
Eric B

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  • HailHopler HailHopler on Aug 03, 2022

    That marine's sheath-knife in the 1st pic is solid soul.

  • LazyReader LazyReader on Aug 04, 2022

    If the US needs to improve its military capability in Pacific; there are several choices.
    1) Improve airbase facilities at RAAF Darwin, Australia, to include stored air and naval munitions
    2) Continue improving facilities on Guam
    3) Reactive our military airbase at Adak, Alaska, to include stored air and naval munitions and ship docks
    4) Improve airbases in Hawaii. The Navy has a little-used airfield at Barking Sands on Kauai that may be expanded, or perhaps the 1999 closure of the Navy's Barber's Point air station could be reversed.
    Marines like Okinawa because it resembles paradise. Marine tradition virtually all Marine Generals have lived on Okinawa at one point. The weather is nice, the beaches are beautiful, and the island largely crime free. It's a great place for families and golfing. But as a military base its terrible...Keeping military families, aircraft, and ships permanently based in Japan is not only extremely expensive, it is strategically unwise. The USA maintained aircraft at Clark Field in the Philippines in 1941 to deter a Japanese attack. They were easy pickings and all aircraft were destroyed on the ground. The defense of the Philippines was poorly planned; as a key probelms for American officers was the evacuation of their families. The same problem exists today in the unlikely event that war erupts with North Korea, China, or Russia. Dozens of American aircraft and thousands of American lives may be lost to surprise missile, bomber, or commando attacks, while officers are distracted with family concerns. While not cowards; many would abandon their post after an attack to ensure the welfare of their family. An attack on Japan may cause panic, and Admirals would face issue of sailors refusing to abandon their family to set sail. The Navy would be anxious to move its ships out of port as enemy submarines would litter the area. From a military standpoint, it is far better to base ships, aircraft, and families far from the Asian mainland as possible. If US personnel wanna have leave/vacation Okinawa, is fine. Permanent basing is a waste of real estate Okinawans could have for housing, schools. The US has dozens of small islands in Pacific useful as bases.... problem is there's nothing to do. No Golf courses, no bars and everything such as food and water must be flown/shipped in which leaves a lot of trash.