Arcflash Labs Offers Full Auto Gauss Rifle

Matthew Moss
by Matthew Moss
EMG-02 (Arcflash Labs)

Arcflash Labs have introduced the latest iteration of their Gauss Gun, the EMG-02. The full auto EMG-02 doubles the power output of the Arcflash Anvil introduced last year, capable of delivering 266 Joules of energy on target. The EMG-02 has an MSRP of $2,515.50 listed on Arcflash Labs’ site.

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EMG-02 (Arcflash Labs)
EMG-02 (Arcflash Labs)
EMG-02 (Arcflash Labs)

Here’s what Arcflash Labs have to say about the EMG-02:

Arcflash Labs, LLC, announces another milestone in the development of their handheld electromagnetic accelerators – an improved model with a more practical design, higher rate of fire and refined features, the EMG-02. The device is capable of delivering 266 Joules per second of energy on target (15 ft-lbs at 800 rds/min), doubling the output power of their last product the GR-1 “ANVIL” (100 Joules per second). This higher rate of fire allows for the EMG-02 to fill more practical applications in today’s market.

The EMG-02 delivers similar muzzle energy to an air rifle, but with a much higher rate of fire. A high end pneumatic air rifle might be able to fire 20-50 shots before needing to re-pressurize. The EMG-02 can fire full auto, 18 rounds per magazine, and each battery
stores enough charge for 300+ shots. No compressor required. The batteries can even be charged using inexpensive solar panels.

The key advantage of a Gauss Rifle over a firearm or air rifle is its versatility and independence – you can fire any magnetic projectile that fits inside the barrel, even ammunition fashioned from ordinary steel bolts. Gauss Rifles eliminate the user’s reliance on mass produced ammunition, expensive air compressors, or complex/ dangerous reloading equipment. They also have very low recoil, allowing for high accuracy at short range (20-60 feet).

“With this new product, we’re hoping to shake up a market traditionally dominated by air rifles.,” says David Wirth, Co-Founder of Arcflash Labs. “It’s the best design we’ve come up with yet,” says Jason Murray, Co-Founder of Arcflash Labs.

More details about the EMG-02 and its specifications are available on the website:
The EMG-02 is currently available for pre-order with deliveries to customers expected in Q4 2022.

Arcflash have also released a short video teaser: “EMG-02: The Next Level”:

Find out more about the EMG-02 here.

Matthew Moss
Matthew Moss

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  • Ted Unlis Ted Unlis on Aug 04, 2022

    Wow, cool how their video with menacing soundtrack shows a electromagnetic weapon capable of piercing melon rinds, popping flimsy thin aluminum pressurized cans, chipping away to break glass mirrors, and poking insignificant shallow holes into ballistic gel. David & Jason should’ve named their $2500 less lethal toy the “Wasp Infuriator”, because it’s guaranteed to sting and really P!$$ off an attacker. Better hope that attacker is unarmed and slower that you are.

  • XT6Wagon XT6Wagon on Aug 04, 2022

    Look, Its marketed at all those people who buy $150K cars then drive them a couple times a year. It doesn't need to replace the M4 for the Army's service rifle. It needs to be unique, dramatic, and not available to the poors.