B&T USA Delivers Exclusive GHM9 SD Model to The Armories

    B&T USA Delivers Exclusive GHM9 SD Model to The Armories

    GHM9 SD (The Armories)

    B&T USA has partnered with Florida-based B&T dealer The Armories to offer an SD version of the 9x19mm GHM9. The package has been tuned to function as a system and is equipped with B&T’s RBS suppressor system.

    B&T USA @ TFB:

    B&T USA Delivers Exclusive GHM9 SD Model to The Armories

    B&T USA GHM9 SD (The Armories)

    Here’s what B&T USA has to say:

    B&T USA is excited to announce it has teamed up with The Armories headquartered in Orlando, Florida to present its customers with a very special SD version of our popular GHM9 model. This package has been tuned to function as a system and is equipped with B&T’s state-of-the-art RBS suppressor system coupled with a cold hammer forged, ported barrel for long and effective service life, along with all of the other modern features that make the GHM9 the sub gun that it is.

    “B&T USA is very excited to work with The Armories, a highly-respected B&T dealer, on this exclusive GHM9 SD pistol project,” said Jon Scott Vice President of Sales, B&T USA. “This soon to be coveted GHM9 SD pistol features our newest RBS suppressor technology coupled with clean lines and premium feature sets the GHM is known for, and we couldn’t be happier to create this model for The Armories dedicated customers base.”

    “The Armories is proud to be able to provide B&T USA’s high-quality firearms and silencers to our customers for the last 4 years. The B&T brand has rapidly grown into one of the most coveted amongst our customers and gun lovers nationwide, so this opportunity to provide a product that is exclusive to The Armories is a true honor” said Robbie Motes, The Armories.

    This limited-edition configuration comes with the SD barrel and rail kit, which ports gasses from the base of the barrel, causing the projectile of a full powered 9mm load to blead off excessive gases to slow to bullet to subsonic velocities. The unique GHM9-SD suppressor included in this kit is reminiscent of the KH9 “stick grenade” style suppressor and is the next generation design that attaches to the receiver versus the traditional barrel thread design. This design greatly increasing reliability and accuracy, while also maximizing the decibel reduction of the suppressor.

    Find out more at www.thearmories.com

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