JMac Customs 360 KeyMo/KeyMicro 24×1.5 AK Muzzle Brake

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JMac Customs 360 RRD-360 (3)

JMac Customs 360 line of muzzle devices has been expanded with the addition of a new KeyMo/KeyMicro compatible muzzle brake. What sets this muzzle device apart from other members of the 360 family is that it is designed for AK rifles with 24×1.5 right-hand metric muzzle threads (AK-74, 100-series pattern guns). JMac Customs claim that this is the first and only solution to attach your KeyMount/KeyMicro compatible device to your 24-1.5RH threads.

JMac Customs @ TFB:

JMac Customs 360 RRD-360 (1)

The RRD-360-24F-KM allows you to attach KeyMount/KeyMicro compatible devices to your 24-1.5RH threaded firearm. Previously, this could only be accomplished by having your firearm re-threaded to accept a standard KeyMo device.

JMac Customs 360 KeyMo/KeyMicro 24×1.5 AK muzzle brake is made of 17-4 stainless steel and has a black nitrided finish. It is fixed on the rifles via the standard AK muzzle device retaining plunger. The new brake has three rows of different-size ports and external 1.375×24 threads for attaching a blast diverter. The bore diameter is 10mm which makes it compatible with every standard AK caliber up to and including 7.62x39mm. The overall length of the RRD-360-24F-KM muzzle brake is 2.91″ (the length added to the rifle is 2.08″) and it weighs in at 6.3oz. This muzzle device is not rated for use with suppressors on rifles that have shorter than 10″ barrels. The list of JMac Customs muzzle devices and compatible suppressors can be found HERE.

JMac Customs 360 RRD-360 (1)

JMac Customs 360 KeyMount/KeyMicro 24×1.5 AK muzzle brake (RRD-360-24F-KM) is listed on the company’s website at an MSRP of 174.95.

As you know, some AKs don’t have perfectly concentric muzzle threads in relation to the bore axis and it’s a good idea to make sure that it’s not the case with your rifle before attaching a suppressor to it. JMac Customs make sure their customers understand this in the following disclaimer:

In order to use this device with a suppressor, it must be installed by a professional – to ensure it is properly mounted and aligned. Do NOT shoot without checking alignment with bore rods. JMac Customs is not responsible for any damage to the suppressor, or any injury or death resulting from improper installation. Some firearms are NOT suitable suppressor hosts, just because you can thread this muzzle device on, does NOT mean it is safe to use.

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    This thing gave me AIDS when I looked at it.

  • Ian Roth Ian Roth on Aug 01, 2022

    Who's running the muzzle device industry these days, the CNC operators union? It's like a contest to see how far you can push the memory on a mill.