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TFB Review: XS R3D SA-35 Night Sights – Worth the Upgrade?

The SA-35 handgun from Springfield Armory made waves late last year when it was officially unveiled to the public. Those who had been seeking a Hi-Power pistol were finally able to get their hands on something authentic to the original design, but with a few modernized [Read More…]

Special Operations Command Europe atn x-sound od green xd-m SIG Sauer Announces Grand Opening of SIG Experience Center Legislative Updates - Follow The American Suppressor Association On YouTube Summer Deals: Buy An FN 509 Pistol, Get Free Gear TFB Review: Grey Man Tactical Vehicle Rifle Rack M249 Light Machine Gun Concealed Carry Corner: Offensive vs Defensive Protection

Concealed Carry Corner: Offensive vs Defensive Protection

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to head back down to the Academy training center to take a pistol barricade course from legendary trainer Ric Sutton. After the first day of the course, we ended up all going out to the local Mexican restaurant to just have [Read More…]

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