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POTD UZI PRO Trio KelTec CNC Industries Expands With New 33,000 sq/ft Wyoming Facility The New MCX Zero Retention Clamp (ZRC) SD from Arisaka Defense Bretton-Gaucher FASTBACK Copper (3) GrovTec Introduces Its New Gen 3 Sabre Tactical Sling AK-103 Barrel Kit

Kalashnikov USA Releases New AK-103 Barrel Kit

To those of you out there that want to either build one from scratch or managed to SOMEHOW shoot out the barrel of your Saiga 7.62×39, Kalashnikov USA has released an AK-103 Barrel Kit to suit your needs. KUSA is seemingly going all-in on their 7.62x39mm firearms [Read More…]

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One of the purposes of TFB’s Photo Of The Day is to broaden the audience for the excellent work done by photographers of firearms. In this case Cinematic Arms and his photos of the FNC. FNC stands for Fabrique Nationale Carabine. Just a few days ago I got a real [Read More…]

New Green Streak Ammunition One-Way Luminescent From Ammo, Inc. Meprolight Introduces Hyper-Bright Sights for the IWI Masada Slim Foundation Stocks DOMINION Bolt Action Rifle Hunting Stock (1) FN Minimi Norway