Kalashnikov USA Releases New AK-103 Barrel Kit

Tim C.
by Tim C.

To those of you out there that want to either build one from scratch or managed to SOMEHOW shoot out the barrel of your Saiga 7.62×39, Kalashnikov USA has released an AK-103 Barrel Kit to suit your needs. KUSA is seemingly going all-in on their 7.62x39mm firearms offering multiple variations on their popular and high-quality KR-103 rifles.

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The barrel included in the kit is cold hammer forged and chrome lined

The AK-103 Barrel Kit includes everything you need to complete the forend of an AK-103 except a hand guard retainer and AK-74/100 gas tube. It has a 22mm barrel journal which unless you wanna repeat the travesty that was the MAK-90 parts kits built with MAADI trunnions and receivers (the fronts fell off) using this barrel on an AKM which has a 23mm barrel journal is NOT recommended.

According to the Kalashnikov USA AK-103 Barrel Kit listing:

Kalashnikov USA is proud to introduce our 7.62x39MM Barrel Builders Kit. This kit includes the following:

Kalashnikov USA 100 series front sight base, clone correct to Russian AK 100 series.

This comes not drilled, includes post, drum and detent assembly.

7.62x39mm Cold Hammer Forged Chrome Lined Barrel.

These are US made Hammer Forged barrels.

7.62x39mm 1:9.45 twist

These are stamped CHF 7.62 U.S.A. for 922r Compliance

The chamber end of the barrels measures (Trunnion Journal) 22.015mm-22.040mm (0.8667 inches to 0.8677 inches)

Extractor relief, hand guard retainer cuts and gas port are all included.


90 degree chrome lined gas block

from our 100 series based off the original AK-74/100 series design

The front sight block is complete and is 100% clone correct.

Kalashnikov USA is offering this kit for $231.99 on their website right now. Personally, with the lack of 100 series kits on the market, unless they plan on offering their trunnions and other parts for builders, I can’t find a use for this. But I’m sure someone out there bought a sketchy 103 kit from Russia and needs these parts. Why not let us know what you think in the comments below!

All images are from the Kalashnikov USA website.

Tim C.
Tim C.

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  • GhostOfUWOTM8 GhostOfUWOTM8 on Jul 26, 2022

    >going all in on 7.62 rifles

    Well we know nobody wants their shotguns and they're incapable of releasing rifles in other calibers, so...

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    • Andrew Andrew on Aug 01, 2022

      @Christopher Looks like CMMG is bringing back the 12.5” Mk47 Mutant.

  • Cornpop Cornpop on Jul 26, 2022

    Good to see this.