TFB Review: Tyrant Designs I.T.T.S Glock Triggers – Gen 3/4 and Gen 5

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C
TFB Review: Tyrant Designs I.T.T.S Glock Triggers – Gen 3/4 and Gen 5

Tyrant Designs makes a whole cornucopia of firearm CNC upgrade parts. Tyrant Designs I.T.T.S Glock triggers are now available for Gen 3/4 and Gen 5 pistols. Tyrant Designs was nice enough to send in both and we tested them out. Let’s dive in.

Tyrant CNC @ TFB:

Tyrant Designs I.T.T.S Glock 3/4 Trigger

The Tyrant Designs I.T.T.S Glock 3/4 trigger comes with their trigger bar. What is really different is their 30% power spring.

The I.T.T.S. is armed with a 30 percent power spring to ensure lightning-fast resets after every shot. When this power spring is in use, the trigger and the sear become re-engaged and you can fire the pistol again with full force. Overall, the I.T.T.S. boasts a stronger reset over other standard triggers, making it one of the best-performing Glock triggers that you can find.

The actual trigger bow of the Tyrant I.T.T.S Glock trigger is metal construction. They come in a variety of anodized colors: black, red, gray, FDE, blue, and gold. They also offer the trigger safety and set screws in either black or gold finishes.

The Tyrant Designs I.T.T.S Glock trigger is a hybrid flat-faced and curved trigger. It has elements of both. The curvature is applied to the bottom section to aid in positioning your trigger finger.

Reap the benefits of a curved trigger along with a flat-faced trigger when you use our Glock trigger. This trigger is intentionally designed with some of the best elements of a curved trigger to make every shot as efficient and direct as possible. One of the most notable benefits of the I.T.T.S. ergonomic design. Because this Glock trigger is highly influenced by the setup of a curved trigger, the trigger’s lip has an enhanced curve feature that helps create consistency on initial and follow-up shots.

Additionally, you have the opportunity to benefit from the comfortable, intuitive setup of the I.T.T.S. The curved features of this product allow for a taller trigger, which helps provide a greater sense of comfort for users with larger hands.

I like that the trigger breaks and rests at 90º. The smooth flat face feels great on the pad of my trigger finger.

The trigger safety has a more pronounced feel to it. It has a rectangular shape and you can feel the corners. It is not uncomfortable but I do notice it. Unlike factory Glock trigger safeties, the Tyrant Designs I.T.T.S Glock trigger safety sits flush with the trigger bow face when pressed.

My factory Glock trigger safeties are rounded but they do not really sit flush with the trigger bow when pressed in. I always feel it and in some cases, I have to sand them down otherwise they create a hot spot against my trigger finger.

Installation is straightforward. Remove the factory trigger, trigger bar and trigger mechanism housing. Then you unhook the spring from the trigger bar and install the Tyrant Designs Glock trigger bar. Then reinstall all the trigger parts back into the Glock.

Tyrant Designs I.T.T.S Glock Gen 5 Trigger

The Tyrant Designs I.T.T.S Glock trigger for Gen 5 Glock pistols is a little different than their Gen 3/4 trigger. It does not come with their trigger bar so installation is a bit more involved. You need to disassemble your Gen 5 Glock and remove the trigger bar. Now you need to remove the factory Glock trigger bow. See the photo below. You can see the pivot pin on the left side of the trigger.

You cannot see the trigger pin on the right side.

So the only way to remove that pin is to punch it out the right side. The pin is steel while the trigger is plastic. A piece of plastic will break off permanently from your factory Glock trigger.

Once the pin is sticking out the other side, you can punch it all the way through or grab pliers and pull it out.

Now you unscrew the set screw/trigger pin, insert the trigger bar and install the set screw back in.

Then the installation is like normal. Reinstall the trigger bar into the trigger mechanism housing and shove all of that back into the frame.

Tyrant Designs Glock gen5 trigger at rest and at break.

Shooting the Tyrant Designs I.T.T.S Glock Triggers

I noticed a subtle clicking in the Tyrant Designs Glock Gen 3 trigger just before the trigger breaks.

But I do not feel or hear a clicking in my Gen 5 or my factory Gen 3 trigger. I do notice a more energetic trigger return in the Tyrant I.T.T.S Glock Gen 3 trigger than the Gen 5 trigger. It feels like the Gen 3 trigger is rushing to get back to reset. The Gen 5 feels a smidge lazier. Like I am almost having to wait for it. I think these are just in my head but they shoot great. Not sure if this is related but the Gen 3 trigger does feel a bit heavier to break than the Gen 5. I reached out to Tyrant Designs and they think the trigger bar on the Gen 3 may be bad so they sent me a replacement.

Check Prices on Tyrant Designs I.T.T.S Glock Triggers

The triggers feel much better to pull and press up against than the factory triggers and they come in a variety of colors. They retail for $74.95 for either the Gen 3 or Gen 5 trigger. If you just want their trigger bar for a Gen 3/4 Glock, that is just $9.95. The Gen 3 trigger comes with that bar anyway. For more information check out their website.

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  • Tdiinva Tdiinva on Jul 23, 2022

    Given that Eli Dickens took down the shooter with a stock Glock 19 perhaps people should focus on practice and skip the fancy "upgrades." Just saying.

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    • William Paxson William Paxson on Jul 23, 2022

      @tdiinva So neither you nor I really know. I'm good with that.

  • BS BS on Jul 23, 2022

    Tried it and wasn't a fan. Trigger safety dug into my finger and it was annoying. Better trigger options out there for sure. Much prefer the Killer Innovations trigger shoe.