Defense Distributed Teaser! GG3 Glock Optic Cut

    When the Ghost Gunner 3 came out, there was a lot of potential mentioned by Defense Distributed. One major upgrade from previous generations of the Ghost Gunner (GG) is the fact the GG3 can cut steel. Well, Defense Distributed put up a teaser video on their Instagram. GG3 Glock optics cut is happening.

    Ghost Gunner @ TFB:

    Back in 2020, Defense Distributed unveiled the GG3 and mentioned its ability to cut steel. They even mentioned a member of the GG community wrote code for an RMR cut in a GG2. See the video James made at SHOT SHOW 2020.

    Here are two screenshots from James’s video above. These are not the official GG3 Glock Optics Cut but the code created by a Ghost Gunner customer.

    Well, now it looks like a GG3 Glock optics cut will be an official code. The other guy never made his code public as far as I know.

    GG3 Glock optic cut

    According to their teaser on Instagram:

    We told you we weren’t done yet this year 😃 This function is still being tested we will have updates for you shortly. Stay tuned!

    pS only available for #Factory #g19 slides. Variants are being worked on and tested.

    It appears this GG3 Glock optics cut code is only for factory Glock 19 slides. I wonder why it won’t work for the Glock 17 or 26? Having used my GG3 it comes down to the jig to hold the slide in place. From the screenshot above of the GG3 Glock optics cut, you can see there is an aluminum jig. There also appears to be a black 3D-printed block with a small aluminum block bolted to it. The small aluminum block is probably a probe block so the GG3 probes off that to know where the slide is in relation to the end mill.

    Defense Distributed mentions that “variants are being worked on”. I hope that means other slide sizes like Glock 17. More than likely they might be testing third-party Glock 19 slides. I really hope the jig and code will be more universal. At the moment, there is no mention of what optic footprint they are cutting. I would bet it is for RMR but I would also like to see ACRO and Holosun 509T dovetail. But time will tell.

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