POTD: FN Minimi (M249 SAW) in Norway

    FN Minimi Norway

    Norway’s Armed Forces have been using the FN Minimi Light Machine Gun (in 5,56×45 NATO) since the late 80s. Recently they awarded FN Herstal another contract to supply up to 4,000 FN Minimi 7.62 Mk3 Light Machine Guns, a movement up in caliber as you can see. In this Photo Of The Day, we see the Telemark Battalion conducting a live-fire exercise with various firearms of the Norwegian Army.

    Below: Heckler & Koch HK416s in the snow.

    Telemark Battalion conducting a live-fire exercise in Rena, Norway, in November 2019.

    The Combat Vehicle CV90 with mechanized infantry in a live-fire exercise.

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    Photos and captions by Frederik Ringnes, Norwegian Armed Forces.