New from Kalashnikov USA – The Kommander Rifle

Tim C.
by Tim C.
Kommander Rifle features

Kalashnikov USA has just announced and made available their new Kommander rifle, a sporterized version of their already popular KR-103 rifle. Evoking the formerly cheap and easy-to-find unconverted Saiga rifle, it’s obviously targeted at states like California where pistol grips and standard capacity magazines are a no-no.

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According to the Kalashnikov USA Kommander rifle listing:

Kalashnikov USA is proud to announce our KOMMANDER 7.62x39mm rifle. This is based on our tried and true KR-103 platform but this rifle was inspired by the God father of California himself. This sporter inspired rifle is for those that desire more of a rifle stock opposed to a pistol grip firearm. This firearm comes with a threaded muzzle nut and 2 -30 round magazines.

The authenticity and design of the Russian AK103 comes in KR-103 with the reliability of K-USA. 100% made in the US, the KR-103 is a gas-operated semi-automatic rifle with a 16.33″ black barrel and a forged 5.5mm trunnion. It is chambered in 7.62×39mm and feeds on a 30 round magazine. The KR-103 comes with a cleaning rod, side optic rail, and a forged carrier.

The KOMMANDER is athletically designed to satisfy all American AK enthusiasts. It is one of the most dependable rifles on the market for any occasion:

  • The innovative and reliable technology of Kalashnikov USA™ makes it much lighter, robust, and advanced than the earlier AKs. Proudly designed and made in the USA.
  • The KOMMANDER uses the renowned 7.62×39mm cartridges that contribute to the reliability of the AK rifles.
  • The KOMMANDER is compatible with a wide range of AKM and AK-74 rifle accessories and is highly customizable.



New from Kalashnikov USA – The Kommander Rifle (3)

Kommander features:

  • Forged Trunnion
  • Forged Carrier
  • Side Optic Rail
  • Chrome lined barrel
  • Cleaning rod
  • 30 round magazine
  • 100% MADE IN THE USA

The Kommander is available right now through Kalashnikov USA’s website at an MSRP of $1,399. Though as of this writing there’s a 4-6 week lead time. What do you guys think of KUSA releasing everything BUT their AK-101/102 and AK-74M? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • Gunsandrockets Gunsandrockets on Jul 21, 2022

    Yikes! The Ruger Mini-30 MSRP is just as high as the "Kommander" MSRP.

  • Mr. Roshi Mr. Roshi on Jul 24, 2022

    If this was in .223 I would buy one instantly.

    Thank you for making this and anyone in a free state poo-pooing this can go fuck themselves. Its real easy to say "don't follow the law" or "just move" if you don't have a job or family to feed but there's lots of patriotic gun owners in ban states who can't move but amazingly still don't want to go to jail. Btw, the "NY compliant" stock is not CA legal.