3 Panther Products X95 Gas Buster To Mitigate Suppressor Gas

    Thanks to Dylan, X95 whisperer, for bringing my attention to the 3 Panther Products X95 Gas Buster. Suppressing an X95 is not great and there have been companies who have made some upgrades like Manticore. Well, the 3 Panther Products X95 Gas Buster works similarly but is a different approach.

    X95 @ TFB:

    X95 gas buster parts

    Photo by 3 Panther Products

    Photo by Dylan Trinh

    Photo by Dylan Trinh

    The 3 Panther Products x95 Gas Buster consists of 3D-printed MJF components – a port cover and Picatinny rail cover. When you suppress an X95, gas tends to leak out the side ejection ports and through the top rail. The Picatinny rail gas diverter appears to be two parts that sandwich the rear of the top rail and it seems nice and ergonomic. This will only work for factory X95s. If you have a Manticore Overwatch rail, then this will not fit.  I am a bit skeptical about the X95 Gas Buster port cover as there does not seem to be any type of O-ring or gasket like the Manticore design. It looks like the leading edge has a hook that holds it in place while the rear section has two screw holes.

    Photo by Dylan Trinh

    Here is a video 3 Panther Products posted about their X95 Gas Buster. The port cover looks like it flexes a bit.

    The X95 Gas Buster is available right now on their website for $37.95. According to the video above they only have the X95 Gas Buster for right-handed shooters. They will be making a left-handed version. For more information go to their website. I ordered one to try it out myself. I’m very curious to see how well it mitigates suppressor gasses to the face.

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