POTD: Knights Armament Co's E3.2 Bolt

Eric B
by Eric B

It’s interesting how a simple thing like a bolt can be such a beautiful thing! Don’t you agree that these images would be great as paintings in your living room? Or at least as decoration in your reloading room? TFB’s Photo Of The Day is on a mission to collect high-quality photos from the world of firearms, and Knights Armament Co‘s E3.2 bolt is of course worthy. Just look at the shape below!

This kind of bolt is now shipping with KAC’s SR-15 5.56 mm rifles and upper receiver kits.

Here’s how KAC describe their E3.2 bolt:

The E3.2 bolt was purpose-built to provide extended service life and enhanced reliability in all conditions. The prominent dual ejectors ensure clean and consistent ejection even when a traditional high-backpressure suppressor is used. Refined lug geometry and optimized material selection ensures lug durability in excess of even the industry-leading KAC E3 bolt. A Viton O-ring prevents extractor vibration and lift, and a hard chrome exterior simplifies cleaning and maintenance.

This bolt has an enlarged bolt face and rounded bolt lugs. The cam pin is also a little smaller according to KAC.

Do you use this kind of bolt? What’s your experience?

Image source: Knight’s Armament Company, www.knightarmco.com

Eric B
Eric B

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