New Retro Lower Receiver From Unbranded AR

    New Retro Lower Receiver From Unbranded AR

    OEM parts supplier Unbranded AR has released a new stripped lower receiver with throwback markings. Nothing ruins a good carry handle build like a rollmark with the wrong vibes, but this one will blend right in. 

    AR Lower Receivers @ TFB:

    New Retro Lower Receiver From Unbranded AR

    Well-known old school lowers like Colt and H&R had horse and lion logos, respectively, inside a circle. UAR follows the circle logo trend with a globe design that’s reminiscent of Pan Am or a CIA front company business card. It looks like a logo that belongs on an XM177 or similar setup.

    Many original lowers featured the ubiquitous “PROPERTY OF U.S. GOVERNMENT” text below the manufacturer logo. UAR plays off this with a “PROPERTY OF U.S. CIV” marking. The model number, serial number, and caliber marks are laid out similar to the old military style as well. Classic military styling also extends to the selector switch, which is marked SAFE, FIRE, AUTO in true M-16A1 form. 

    The retro lower is in stock now, and is on sale for $79.99. 

    From the manufacturer:

    In a world plagued by the newest gizmos and gadgets, the industry has to offer- reject modernity and start yourself on the path to retro righteousness with the UAR Retro Lower Receiver. Perfect for those of you who enjoy the finer things in life, such as carry handles, CAR stocks, and freedom. Roll up to your local range in a 1986 Monte Carlo, sporting a carry handle build with this lower, and you’ll have all the “tacticool bros” punching the air.

    Inspired by the AR-15s of yesteryear, the UAR Retro Lower is marked in a way that makes it perfect for a wide variety of vintage-inspired builds OR modern rifle builds. Regardless of how you build it, our high-quality MILSPEC lowers are the perfect canvas for your next project.


    Machined from a 7075 T-6 aircraft-grade aluminum forging

    Manufactured to mil-spec dimensions

    Precision broached magazine well

    Retro-styled markings

    Hard anodized per Mil-Spec 8625 Type 3 Class 2

    Compatible with mil-spec components and most aftermarket parts

    Weight: 9oz

    Made in USA

    All images via Unbranded AR,

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