Welcome to the Jungle - Zero Compromise Optics ZC527 Jaguar

Eric B
by Eric B

It is time for another project from German GunWorks, the Zero Compromise Optics ZC527 Jaguar. The basis for this rifle is a Haenel RS9 long-range rifle in .338 Lapua Magnum. More or less everything was revised by the Swabian company, for instance, they replaced all the Allen screws with Torx. Furthermore, the rifle was disassembled and blasted to make a perfect surface for a new custom Cerakote finish. It’s important to take care of the layer thickness of the new coating so that tolerances can be kept.

German GunWorks and Zero Compromise @ TFB:

Welcome to the Jungle - Zero Compromise Optics ZC527 Jaguar

German GunWorks consider the heart of the system to be the Zero Compromise Optics ZC527 rifle scope (5-27×56). TFB reviewed this optic a little over two years ago, and it’s great. The Austrian rifle scope manufacturer relies on a 36mm center tube diameter, with a height adjustment range of 120 MOA or 35 MIL/MRAD which means a phenomenal 350cm at 100m.

Other components, like the B&T Industries BT72 Super CAL ATLAS bipod and the BT12 monopod, were also Cerakoted. The grip has also been upgraded by replacing the original with a modified one from Karl Nill GmbH (the companies are only minutes away from each other). The grip may look familiar, as Karl Nill developed it for the Heckler & Koch PSG-1 years ago.

The scope mount is also from Zero Compromise, with a tilt of 20 MOA. The distance from the Picatinny rail to the center of the optics is 38mm, and the mount has several features like a hook for the mirage band.

The assembly has a height of 38mm (rail to center of the ring) and has additional features such as the fold-out dragonfly, attachment options for accessories on the ring covers (Picatinny rails, etc.) or a hook for the mirage tape. There is also a ZCO sunshade to avoid direct sunshine into the scope.

Painting and Laser Engraving

GermanGunWorks worked with Sierra Weapon Coating to prime the components. The lower half of the rifle was given a RAL7013 color of the Austrian Armed Forces, and then a splinter camouflage pattern based on five other colors was applied. Just in case you think this is easy work, it is not. There is a lot of masking, painting, drying and checking involved. For example, transitions between the layers of paint were sanded by hand to avoid any stepping. Quite a few parts were artificially aged for looks using various airbrushes and brush techniques.

Below: The magazine has a tower scale lasered in the original ZCO font, which was filled in by hand with white paint. Also, note the custom Jaguar logo specially created for the project.

3D Modeling

In order to bring the jaguar into the jungle, GnClay modeling clay was used. Over many hours, a mixture of different jungle leaves was created, which was placed over the glass and parts of the hand protection. This may not be to everyone’s liking, but it shows how far customizations have reached.

According to German GunWorks, the hardened modeling clay is extremely robust and temperature-resistant. In the unlikely event that part of the modeling breaks off, the leaves have been modeled in green and the soil in brown GnClay. On top of that, the modeled leaves were hand-painted with different shades of green to achieve a more realistic representation.


This is the question you shouldn’t ask. The basic components of the weapon alone come in over €14,000, and that’s not counting the many hours of work and the use of materials for the modifications.

The Zero Compromise Optic ZC527 Jaguar is an experiment showing various techniques and possibilities. It may or may not be to everyone’s liking, but I’m sure most can appreciate all the work that went into this project.

German GunWorks can be found here: https://germangunworks.com/

Eric B
Eric B

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