Anti-Cant Shroud For Ruger American Rifles From Indian Creek Design

Doug E
by Doug E
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Indian Creek Design’s Sportsman’s Anti-Cant Shroud “SACS” is a machined aluminum bolt shroud for the Ruger American Rifle that also incorporates a bubble level that helps the shooter to keep the rifle level while shooting. Affixing bubble levels to rifles has been happening for some time in the precision rifle community, but Indian Creek Design has come up with their own solution to place the level directly behind the bore. This is done by replacing the plastic bolt shroud on the Ruger American Rifle, with their own aluminum shroud, placing the level in a way that lets the shooter keep a good cheek weld on the rifle to line up the shot, and see the level with the same eye. Indian Creek Design’s product description follows.

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Don’t just replace your OEM bolt shroud because it is plastic, replace it because you want to add integrity and actual functional utility, all in one device.

The ICD SACS incorporates a spirit bubble level into a precision fit CNC machined bolt shroud, offering a bore axis specific real time indication of any angle your rifle is at while in the ready to fire position.

A level indicator is important as it shows if you are canting, or holding the rifle at an angle, while preparing to fire. Gravity only pulls in one direction, straight down. Your scope has an erector mechanism in the middle that moves the reticle up as you dial in elevation needed. Assuming you have your scope properly leveled on your rifle, if you cant the rifle to either side you have now moved the reticle sideways, reducing the actual vertical reticle movement while simultaneously skewing your windage as well. This is amplified as the distance of your shot increases and can be the difference between taking home a trophy harvest or scoring hits at a match.

Mounting the level on the bore axis offers a more precise indication of the presence of cant than a scope mounted level that is multiple inches off the axis of rotation, as well as keeping your scope free of any extra brush snagging bits hanging off your optic.

Our SACS fit ALL centerfire short action RA’s, they are machined from 6061 Aluminum, are 100% made in America in our southwest Idaho machining center, and finished in a black Type II anodizing.

Image credit: Indian Creek Design
Image credit: Indian Creek Design

Indian Creek Design’s Sportsman’s Anti-Cant Shroud for the Ruger American Rifles is available at and is listed for $54.95. You can follow Indian Creek Design on their Facebook or Instagram pages.

Is this an aftermarket part you’d be interested in for your Ruger American Rifle? If you’ve already replaced your factory shroud with the Sportsman’s Anti-Cant Shroud, let us know how you like it? Is it a better spot for a level compared to having one on your scope?

Doug E
Doug E

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  • Abu bin Balaclava Abu bin Balaclava on Jul 01, 2022

    That's pretty cool, TBH.

  • River_rover River_rover on Jul 01, 2022

    Gimick. Useless distracting gimick that takes your eyes and attention away from the crosshairs and the target. And only as true and level as the cheap as we can make it Ruger American. Proof that P.T. Barnum spoke the truth. There's one (or more) born every minute.