Holosun Introduces SCS-MOS Pistol Reflex Sight

Matthew Moss
by Matthew Moss

Holosun have introduced their new SCS-MOS solar charging pistol reflex sight. We first reported on the SCS-MOS back at SHOT Show 2022, with Nick C. taking a look at the new sights. In April, Holosun announced that the SCS-MOS was coming soon in Green only due to “the red LED does not meet the battery life performance standards we have set with the SCS green.” The SCS-MOS has a 20,000-hour power reserve, weighs in at 1.3oz and is available with an MSRP of $435.28.

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Here’s what Holosun have to say about the SCS-MOS:

Holosun has listened to consumers and delivered once again. The SCS-MOS (Solar Charging Sight) is a pistol-mounted reflex sight that features an internal solar rechargeable battery. Not only does the optic self-regulate intensity to ambient light like all other Solar-Safe Holosun optics, but the solar panel also recharges the internal battery.

The SCS-MOS was designed from the ground up to match the form and style of the Glock™ MOS platform with serrations on the optic body that fit flush with the factory Glock™ slide serrations. It also features a low-profile deck, so standard Glock iron sights can still be used with the SCS-MOS attached. Potentially, this optic can function indefinitely with the correct lighting requirements. Holosun’s latest Auto-mode system adjusts reticle intensity instantly and includes an override function.

The SCS-MOS boasts a grade 5 Titanium IP67 rated housing and features our Super Green (540nm) LED technology using the MRS™ (Multi-Reticle System) to give users the choice between a 2 MOA Dot Only, 32 MOA Circle only, or a 32 MOA Circle with a 2 MOA dot. For best zeroing, a 30+/- MOA travel adjustment with 1 MOA click adjustment can be set by adjusting the windage and elevation on the top and side of the optic housing. The SCS-MOS is parallax-free with unlimited eye relief for the best possible target acquisition.

Having a large optic window is important and never more so than on a pistol reflex optic. Built into the 1.93×1.03×0.91 housing is a 0.77×0.58 window. This is a massive window to housing ratio and has helped keep the weight down to 1.3 oz. The window has been coated with various filters and anti-reflective properties to keep visual acuity. This helps to reduce glare, limit streaking and improve clarity when acquiring a target.

Holosun has taken the wants and needs of its users into account and has proven they are listening. A solar charging optic from Holosun has finally hit the market that eliminates the need to change batteries. With the SCS-MOS, a user never needs to worry about battery changes or having left a powered-off SCS optic idle for too long. A battery life indicator provides remaining battery life when powered on, and the internal battery can last for up to 20,000 hours in a worst-case scenario. From the safe to the range, the SCS-MOS adapts to any situation.

SCS-MOS (Holosun)
SCS-MOS (Holosun)

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Features of the SCS-MOS:

• Multi-Reticle System (MRS™): 2 MOA Dot w/ 32 MOA Circle, 2 MOA Dot Only, 32MOA Circle Only
• Self Adjusting Reticle Brightness
• Grade 5 Titanium Housing
• Glock™ MOS Footprint (19/23, 17/22, 34/35, 45)
• Solar Charging Internal Battery
• 20,000-Hour Power Reserve
• IP67 Water & Dust-proof Rating
• Travel Range ± 30 MOA
• 1 MOA Windage & Elevation Adjustment Per Click
• Window Size: 0.77 x 0.58
• Weight: 1.3 oz
• Limited Lifetime Warranty

Find out more about the SCS-MOS here.

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Matthew Moss
Matthew Moss

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  • American_Masculinist American_Masculinist on Jun 28, 2022

    I just saw the MSRP of over $435- the CCP company Huanic/Holoson is out of its mind with that MSRP because that means the street price will likely be $350- $375, and paying that much is insane.

    • Martin To Martin To on Jun 30, 2022

      @American_Masculinist And paying $499 for a 30 year old trij design is a great value. Lol

  • Martin To Martin To on Jun 30, 2022

    Biggest advantage to this is going to be cowitness with normal height irons. Makes the presentation and finding the dot 100% easier.