TFB Weekly Web Deals 14: Armored Up Edition (Plate Carriers and Armor)

Luke C.
by Luke C.

Hello and welcome to TFB Weekly Web Deals 14. Earlier this month, in June, the State of New York made the decision to ban certain types of body armor – specifically, soft body armor commonly referred to as a bulletproof vest. Politics aside, the restriction of access to this type of equipment is something that is both confusing and almost counterintuitive in my opinion. That’s why this week for TFB Weekly Web Deals 14 we’re on the hunt for the best deals for soft body armor, hard body armor plates, and plate carriers. Right now is a great time to pick up body armor as there are lots of sales out there. Plate carriers are becoming less and less expensive, and there are rigorous and reliable organizations that properly vet the effectiveness of various types of body armor so you know exactly what you’re buying and what kind of protection you can expect from it. Please enjoy this week’s selection of web deals!

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TFB Weekly Web Deals 14: Armored Up Edition (Plate Carriers and Armor)

Ar500 Armor Personal Defense Freeman Package

Normal Price: $322.00

Sale Price As Configured: $177.60

The Freeman Loadout is built to give a powerful solution to personal defense tactics: The Freeman carries rifle-rated octagonal plates to prioritize protection where it matters most; laser-cut PALS channels accommodate the included Tourniquet Pouch alongside Triple and Single Pistol Magazine Pouches. All this was specially designed as a cohesive, reliable setup for personal defense, so you can protect yourself and those around you at a moment’s notice.


  • 1 x Freeman Plate Carrier
  • 2 x Level III Body Armor 9″ x 9″ Curved, Base Coat Plates
  • 2 x Blunt Force Trauma Pads – 9″ x 9″
  • 1 x AR TQ Pouch
  • 1 x Multi-Caliber Pistol Magazine Triple Pouch
  • 1 x Multi-Caliber Pistol Magazine Single Pouch
  • 1 x Economy Sling

Available in Black or Coyote colors.

TFB Weekly Web Deals 14: Armored Up Edition (Plate Carriers and Armor)

Pick up the Personal Defense Freman Package from AR500 Armor for a sale price of $177.60

AR500 Armor Valkyrie Exclusive Package (IV, III, and A2 Plates available)

Original Price: $977.00

Sale Price: $658.00

Pure tactical excellence: The Valkyrie Exclusive equips our military-grade Berry compliant carrier with some of our best and most popular gear: The Valkyrie carrier takes a robust approach to carrier design while including the popular cummerbund feature for a tight custom fit. The A2 Plates stop all 5.56 @ 3,000 FPS and lesser threats. The backpack can stay with you at all times and provide handgun protection. Also included are our black/red glasses. All this and more with the Valkyrie Exclusive.


  • 1 x Valkyrie™ Plate Carrier
  • 2 x A2 Plates – 10″ x 12″ Build Up Coat
  • 2 x Blunt Force Trauma Pads – 10″ x 12″
  • 1 x Phoenix 2.0 Armored Backpack – Level IIIA (Rimelig) – 10″x12″
  • 1 x AR500 Shooting Glasses – Black/Red

Available Upgrades

  • C2 or P2 Body Armor
TFB Weekly Web Deals 14: Armored Up Edition (Plate Carriers and Armor)

Pick up the AR500 Armor Valkyrie Exclusive Armor Bundle for a sale price of $658.00

Hoplite Armor NIJ Certified Level IV Swimmer Plates (sold as a pair)

Original Price: $350.00

Sale Price: $325.00

These are without question the best deal available for top quality body armor plates. The materials used in the fabrication of these plates allows for projectiles to be absorbed within the plate itself, preventing dangerous spall as is common with steel plates. Don’t rely on your carrier to stop high speed bullet fragmentation.

Our 8×10 and 10×12 inch single-curve hard armor swimmer cut plate is certified NIJ 0101.05 Level IV Stand Alone. Manufactured from high-density alumina ceramic core (Al2O3) backed with layered polymer composite fiber.

All our Hard Armor Plates are Made in the USA by LTC, Leading Technology Composites, the worlds largest and most respected body armor manufacturer.

TFB Weekly Web Deals 14: Armored Up Edition (Plate Carriers and Armor)

Pick up a pair of NIJ Certified Level IV Hard Armor Plates from Hopline Armor for a sale price of $325.00

Premier Body Armor Concealable Level IIIA Armor Vest

Original Price: $799.00

Sale Price: $659.00 ($140 off)

Introducing the most versatile ballistic vest to hit the market in years. The Concealable Armor Vest was designed to shine in ANY situation. Sleek enough to be worn concealed under a button-down shirt AND stylish enough to be worn as your outermost layer. The Concealable Armor Vest was designed with comfort in mind. The inside of the vest features a comfort tech fabric that is soft to the touch, but is also breathable and features an antimicrobial finish.


  • Water Repellant
  • Concealed zippers provide access to the  NIJ Certified Level IIIA ballistic panels in the front and back
  • A moisture management system that includes a wicking antimicrobial liner
  • Internal plate pocket that accommodates a 5”x8” IIIA trauma insert (included)
  • 6 point adjustability.  Two at the shoulder and two removable 6”x12” elastic straps that can be adjust on the front and back
  • Low Profile VELCRO ® Brand hook & loop (50% thinner than traditional hook & loop)
  • The outer carrier is Machine Washable
TFB Weekly Web Deals 14: Armored Up Edition (Plate Carriers and Armor)

Pick up the Premier Body Armor Level IIIA Concealable Armor Vest for a sale price of $659.00

Premier Hybrid Tactical Armor Carrier with 2 Level IIIA Soft Armor Panels

Original Price: $649.99

Sale Price: $499.99 ($449.99 for Buyer’s Club Members)

This Premier® Hybrid Tactical Armor Carrier Vest is a law enforcement and military-grade Armor Carrier designed for professional and civilians alike. It comes fortified with 2 Level IIIA soft armor panels that are tested to stop common handgun rounds like 9mm, .380 ACP, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, all the way up to a non-armor-piercing .44 Magnum. The armor pockets can also accommodate standard 10″ x 12″ Level III/Level IV hard armor plates as well if you want protection against rifle rounds.

The Carrier Vest itself is made from ultra-tough 600-denier polyester, and features 4 MOLLE strips on the front and 6 MOLLE strips on the back for configuring your MOLLE-compatible pouches any way you see fit. To ensure the fit is perfect, the Vest features elastic side closures and adjustable shoulder straps along with an internal cummerbund.

Vest details:

  • Rugged 600-denier polyester/spandex
  • Elastic stretch side closure and adjustable shoulder straps to dial in the perfect fit
  • Adjustable internal cummerbund to provide a snug fit that won’t shift
  • Hook-and-loop armor pockets also accommodate standard 10″ x 12″ hard armor plates (offered separately)
  • 4 MOLLE strips on the front and 6 strips on the back for customizing your accessory pouches
  • Reinforced “man down” drag strap

Armor Panel details:

  • Tested to stop non-armor-piercing handgun rounds up to .44 Magnum (including 9mm, .380 ACP, .45 ACP)
TFB Weekly Web Deals 14: Armored Up Edition (Plate Carriers and Armor)

Pick up the Premier Hybrid Tactical Body Armor package for a sale price of $499.99 from Sportsman’s Guide

AR500 Testudo Loadout (Rifle-Rated Armor Available)

Original Price: $567.00

Sale Price: $348.00


Resist tyranny: Protect yourself, your loved ones, your rights, and your independence. Be prepared with the Testudo Loadout, built as the definitive high-coverage Tool of Liberty. Get rifle-rated steel armor in a Testudo carrier, its cummerbund ensuring a perfect fit, better weight distribution, and extra stability. Also included with it are two trauma pads and two magazine pouches, all equipping you to stay in the fight.

Included in Loadout

  • 1 x Testudo™ Plate Carrier
  • 2 x A2 Plates – 10″ x 12″ Base Coat
  • 2 x Blunt Force Trauma Pads – 10″ x 12″
  • 1 x Multi-Caliber Pistol Magazine Double Pouch
  • 1 x Multi-Caliber Rifle Magazine Double Pouch

Upgrade Your Loadout (+$49) – Save 44%

  • 1 x Multi-Caliber Kangaroo Mag Pouch
  • 1 x General Purpose Pouch
  • 2 x Multi-Caliber Pistol Magazine Single Pouch
  • 1 x Multi-Caliber Rifle Magazine Single Pouch
  • 1 x Tourniquet Holder – only coyote, black, and olive drab colors are available; if you select multicam color you will receive an olive drab tourniquet holder
TFB Weekly Web Deals 14: Armored Up Edition (Plate Carriers and Armor)

Pick up the AR500 Armor Testudo Loadout for $349.00 from

That’s all the deals we have for you this week. Let us know what kind of armor setup you currently have and if you’re looking to get more! If you’re looking for your first plate carrier, let us know if any of these options look appealing to you! Stay safe out there folks and we’ll see you again next week for a fresh set of deals on TFB.

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  • John huscio John huscio on Jun 27, 2022

    Been thinking about that bulletsafe soft armor Atlantic is selling…..trying to see if it’s GTG before inpurchase

    • Suppressed Suppressed on Jun 27, 2022

      @john huscio Bulletsafe is rebranded Chinese junk. This isn’t just my opinion, it’s a fact.

  • Biff Biff on Jun 27, 2022

    Since you can buy a set of Hesco L210 plates (2) for less than $450 shipped I can’t see any reason to buy steel armor.

    After buying multiple plate carriers and several sets of hard and soft armor I have come to the conclusion that a good soft armor vest is probably the most useful type of armor.

    If you think about it, localized unrest is more likely than a full Mad Max scenario. During this time you may still have to move about
    your local area to work, buy groceries, etc.

    Running around with a plate carrier and an AR15 isn’t going to work out that well for you in this type of scenario. You would be better off wearing soft armor under your normal clothing and carrying a messenger bag or book bag sized backpack with a PDW and a minimal amount of supplies in case you need to make a run for it. A real police style vest also protects much more of your torso area than a typical plate carrier, even one with side plates from pistol rounds.

    If you do buy hard armor know that single curve plates aren’t that comfortable. They are cheaper though, and since for most people the plate carrier won’t be worn much, this could be a viable trade off.

    • See 1 previous
    • Suppressed Suppressed on Jun 27, 2022

      @Biff If it’s bad enough that I need to wear my armor, I don’t want my protection to be limited to pistol rounds.