The New Vengeance 1-6×24 LPVO from ZeroTech Optics

    The New Vengeance 1-6x24 LPVO from ZeroTech Optics

    ZeroTech Optics is a riflescope manufacturer based in the United States that use the 50 or some odd years of expertise of their team to produce their own range of budget-friendly riflescopes and reticles tailored to fit the Backcountry shooting market. ZeroTech announced the introduction of their new Vengeance 1-6×24 LPVO featuring their RAR SFP illuminated reticle.

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    The New Vengeance 1-6x24 LPVO from ZeroTech Optics

    The New Vengeance 1-6×24 LPVO from ZeroTech Optics

    The versatility of an AR platform makes it a standout “Go-to” rifle for all applications, and to compliment this rifle topping it off with a ZeroTech 1-6×24 RAR LPVO will make it the most adaptable rifle to any shooting scenario.

    Featuring ZeroTech’s very own illuminated RAR reticle system, you will have the confidence to place shot after shot on target in all lighting situations with precision.

    The New Vengeance 1-6x24 LPVO from ZeroTech Optics

    Our locking diopter system allows you to secure your diopter setting with a lock ring and achieve a perfect 1 X image every time. The removable magnification throw lever makes power changes a breeze, coupled with our RAR illuminated reticle makes for the ultimate speed shooting combination. Low profile, large diameter capped turrets provide precise and audible indexing and are guaranteed to return to zero every time. A 30mm main tube will ensure excellent mounting versatility and high strength.


    • 1-6×24 LPVO
    • 30mm tube
    • Removable magnification throw lever
    • RAR illuminated SFP reticle calibrated in MOA
    • 6 adjustable brightness settings
    • Low profile capped turrets

    The New Vengeance 1-6x24 LPVO from ZeroTech Optics

    The Vengeance 1-6x24mm LPVO comes standard with a second focal plane RAR reticle, locking diopter adjustment, stretch fit scope cover, removable magnification throw lever, reticle range chart, instruction manual, and a microfiber cloth. The ZeroTech Vengeance 1-6x24mm LPVO is sold for a price of $499.99 either directly from the ZeroTech website or from one of ZeroTech’s authorized dealers.

    The New Vengeance 1-6x24 LPVO from ZeroTech Optics

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