FN Five-seveN MRD – Optics Ready & Tested by TFB Staff

Adam Scepaniak
by Adam Scepaniak

FN – the arms maker known for having military contracts around the world – is looking to light the firearm industry on fire again. With the re-introduction of the High Power plus the evolution of the stunningly popular SCAR series (newly debuted Multicam colorways), FN is always looking at tiny tweaks to keep people clamoring for more. Now, they have debuted the next generation of their 5.7x28mm pistols with the Five-seveN MRD that is optics-ready from the factory!


Shooters will be able to look forward to a factory slide cut to mount most of today’s popular optics. You will simultaneously enjoy minimal recoil from the FN 5.7x28mm cartridge like we have come to know in the pistols that preceded the Five-seveN MRD. This upgraded rendition also has an enhanced grip with stippled texture, adjustable iron sights to co-witness your micro red dots, and ships with two 20-round magazines (if allowed in your jurisdiction). The rest of the specifications for the Five-seveN MRD can be read below as presented by FN:

  • Cartridge: 5.7 x28mm
  • Operation: Delayed Blowback, Single-Action Only
  • Slide/Frame Finish: Black/Black | Flat Dark Earth (FDE)/Flat Dark Earth (FDE)
  • Magazine: 10 or 20 Round [depending on city, municipality, and/or state restrictions]
  • Weight: 25.2 Oz
  • Length: 8.2″
  • Barrel Length: 4.8”

The FN Five-seveN pistol has been immensely popular since its introduction. Its original design capturing the performance of the FN-designed 5.7x28mm cartridge made it an instant success, and it’s positioned to do it yet again with the dramatic redesign of the FN Five-seveN MRD. With the addition of an integral optics mounting system on the slide, an already accurate pistol now redefines what handgun accuracy means. We’re truly excited to bring this new pistol to market with features our customers want in their favorite FN caliber. [Chris Cole, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for FN America, LLC]

  • Slide

    Add Most MRDs in Minutes without a GunsmithMachined Steel Slide with Polymer CoverEnhanced Slide Cover Improves Cocking ControlPhoto-Luminescent Front Sight with Adjustable Rear

  • Barrel

    Cold Hammer-Forged Barrel for Enduring AccuracyPrecision 5.7x28mm Chamber for Feed Reliability

  • Frame

    Stippled Texture for Adverse ConditionsInternal Single-Action HammerSmooth Trigger Pull – Breaks at ~6.2 Lb

  • Operating Controls

    Oversize Controls Fit any Shooter

The current MSRP for the FN Five-seveN MRD is benchmarked at $1,449 regardless of the colorway option or magazine it ships with. This puts it right in line with prior models (no optics cut) that retailed for $1,319. With additional improvements beyond the slide milling, the newer Five-seveN MRD price point makes sense.

TFB was fortunate enough to be invited down to a private event in March to view the new Five-seveN MRD before its release, and it absolutely performs as advertised. The new slide serrations give you more purchase when racking the slide, it is incredibly light recoiling, and the pistol shoots like a laser gun – point and hit accuracy. We also were able to shoot this new pistol with varying popular red dots and all of them held up well and easily mounted to the pistol. For anyone who has been on the fence about getting a Five-seveN pistol, this new model has a bevy of features shooters have been asking for.

The only thing that remains to be addressed is how many are you going to buy? Or, which one of your kidneys do you really not need? Yes, the pistol is a bit spendy, but it should be a tremendously popular seller once FN starts sending these out the door. As always, let us know what you think in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

Adam Scepaniak
Adam Scepaniak

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  • Sense Offender Sense Offender on Jun 15, 2022

    Wonder if you can just buy the slide?

  • Stuki Moi Stuki Moi on Jun 17, 2022

    One of the few pistols where a optic seems like something of a must-have by now.

    Still not sure about 5.7 performance; against anything at all which requires any "performance"; out of such short barrels (the guys who hate you were instead sorta-kinda hawking, out of all things a .45, as shorter barrel "companion piece" to their "p90" competitor...). With an optic, this is a better last-ditch P90 companion than ever, though. And the P90 does have some uses.