TFB Weekly Web Deals 12: Deals to Stay Prepared

Luke C.
by Luke C.

Every so often, national events occur in such a way that there is always a mass panic for specific firearms goods. Most notably ammunition, receivers, and magazines. This isn’t really a surprise to most of us who have been through the wringer a couple of times but to the uninformed, it might seem a bit crazy. Do you really need that much ammunition? Who really needs 200 PMAGS? What are you really going to do with all those stripped lower receivers? The fact of the matter is, that ammunition gets shot up, magazines break and wear down with constant use, and lower receivers are always great to have around as paperweights. Today’s weekly web deals are going to focus on things that people often make a bull rush for in times of panic – you know the kind I’m talking about. Welcome to TFB Weekly Web deals 12.

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TFB Weekly Web Deals 12: Deals to Stay Prepared

Ammunition on Sale at Brownells

The term “ammunition on sale” really doesn’t mean much anymore. Over the last two years, we’ve seen an astronomical hike in the “average” price of ammunition, and not to be a Debbie Downer or anything but I quite honestly think they’re never going to get back down to the prices we were seeing even just five years ago. Despite this, you can still find decent deals online and in big box stores. I’ve found two of the most popular calibers on sale over at Brownells.

CCI Blazer Brass 45 ACP Ammo – 50-round Box $30.99 ($0.62 CPR)

  • 230-grain bullet
  • Full Metal Jacket
  • Brass Case
  • Primer – Small Pistol Primer
TFB Weekly Web Deals 12: Deals to Stay Prepared

MAGTECH 9mm Luger Ammo – 50-round Box $20.99 ($0.43 CPR) OR 1,000-round case $379.99 ($0.38 CPR)

  • 115-grain bullet
  • Full Metal Jacket
  • Reloadable Brass Case
  • 1,135-fps advertised velocity
TFB Weekly Web Deals 12: Deals to Stay Prepared

Limited Time Bundle Deal – 500 Rounds Winchester M855 5.56 62-grain with 10 Gen 2 PMAGS

Like I said before, you can never have enough of either of these two things. M855 isn’t everyone’s favorite round but between it and M193, it’s still very popular and very effective out of most rifles. The GEN 2 PMAGS are a bit dated at this point but unless you’re running an obscure gun that doesn’t work well with them, that won’t be a problem for you. This deal will be available for a limited time from Palmetto State Armory.

TFB Weekly Web Deals 12: Deals to Stay Prepared

500RDS WINCHESTER M855 5.56 62GR FMJ AMMO & 10 MAGPUL PMAG 30RD GEN2 MOE 5.56X45 MAGAZINES – $399.99 from Palmetto State Armory

Duramag AR-15 .223 / 5.56mm / .300BLK 30-Round Aluminum Magazines – $10.99 EA

CPD’s 223/5.56 Aluminum magazines take the age-old tested design to another level. This is a 30-round magazine.

Using fully robotic welding that monitors the most important aspects of spot welding, CPD welds are guaranteed never to break and far exceed mil-spec requirements. Combined with CPD’s specially designed anti-tilt followers and mil-spec 17-7 Stainless Steel springs. CPD’s Aluminum .223/5.56 magazines have become the choice magazine for OEM, Law Enforcement, and Military Units throughout the world. Keeping a few extra factory magazines around is never a bad idea; extra magazines save loading time at the range and also serve as a backup for those days when you simply cannot remember where you put your primary magazine.

TFB Weekly Web Deals 12: Deals to Stay Prepared

Duramag AR-15 .223 / 5.56mm / .300BLK 30-Round Aluminum Magazines – $10.99 per at GunMagWarehouse

M5 (.308) Stripped Lower ReceiverS – Anodized Black (BLEM)

Whether it is stripped lowers, uppers, lower parts kits, pistols grips, stocks, braces, or handguards, you can never have too many AR-15 or AR-10 parts. Aero Precision has a number of populated and unpopulated (stripped) 308 lowers on sale for a decent discount.

  • Stripped M5 (.308) Lower Receiver in Anodized Black
  • Nylon tipped tensioning set screw
This product is blemished. Blemishes may include:
  • Plating inconsistencies
  • Pits
  • Scratches
  • Dents
  • Flaws in finish

Our blemished products are fully functional, they just didn’t meet our high standards. They are a great product at a discounted price for someone who doesn’t mind a slight imperfection. We do not accept returns on blemished products.

M5 (.308) Stripped Lower Receiver – Anodized Black (BLEM) $153.74 from Aero Precision

M5 Complete Lower w/ NiB Trigger and MOE Grip, No Stock – Anodized Black $299.99 from Aero Precision

PMC Bronze .223 Remington 55gr PSP 20 Rounds

Drop your trophy buck with a quick, clean, and humane kill with PMC® Bronze™ .223 Remington 55gr PSP ammo from GunMag Warehouse. Featuring clean-burning powders and propellants, and high-quality Pointed Soft-Point (PSP) bullets loaded in polished brass casings, this hunting ammo delivers exceptional short- to medium-range accuracy and unmatched reliability in virtually any environment. Better yet, each round is hand-inspected by qualified quality control specialists for industry-leading consistency and reliability. Order today!

  • Pointed Soft-Point (PSP) bullets
  • Premium brass casings
  • Clean-burning powders and propellants
  • Reloadable brass casings
TFB Weekly Web Deals 12: Deals to Stay Prepared

PMC Bronze .223 Remington 55gr PSP 20 Rounds on sale for $12.99 per box from GunMagWarehouse

Thanks for stopping by to check out this week’s TFB Weekly Web Deals. Be sure to let us know what your frequent buys are during panic buying season and feel free to share any other sweet deals that you find online with the rest of us down in the comments below! Happy hunting!

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  • TheUnspoken TheUnspoken on Jun 13, 2022

    It seemed like there were a lot of places with 9mm more around 15-16 per 50 last week, 20.99 isn't a deal even in this climate.

  • MadDog MadDog on Jun 15, 2022

    TargetSportsUSA usually has excellent prices. And shipping is free if you buy it by the case…