MDT COMP BRAKE Adjustable Competition Muzzle Brake

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Introduced at SHOT Show 2022, the MDT Comp Brake competition muzzle brake / muzzle rise compensator is now available. This new muzzle device allows adjusting its top muzzle rise compensation ports. Other than that, it may look like a standard multi-port brake, however, the amount of R&D work that went into perfecting the design and geometry of this muzzle device and the results achieved are quite impressive. Let’s take a closer look.


We began with two major design parameters, to redirect, or “break up” concussion towards the shooter, a standard pain-point in muzzle brake devices, and to reduce felt recoil as much as possible. Through 16 months of development, testing, optimizing, more testing, and then even more testing, we believe that we have created the most effective competition muzzle brake on the market.

MDT engineers managed to reduce the rearward blast while still having impressive recoil reduction (by up to 67%) by incorporating several clever solutions into the design of this muzzle device. One of the ways of reducing concussion is redirecting forward part of the gasses exiting the first port via diffuser holes drilled in the walls separating the first and second chambers. Another design solution that contributes to the concussion reduction is the geometry of baffles that have staggered angles and serrations that causes turbulence and disperses energy.

MDT Comp Brake also features six adjustable top ports for tuning the muzzle rise compensation. The adjustment of top ports’ exposure is done by loosening the screws holding the dovetailed anodized aluminum top plate, moving the stainless steel port slide which is sandwiched between the top plate and the muzzle brake, and tightening the screws back to keep the assembly parts in the selected position. The adjustments are infinite within the adjustment range extremes. Additionally, the top ports direct the gasses at a 20-degree angle which allows the shooter to see the target through the blast.

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Other features of the MDT Comp Brake include the self-timing nut which along with the muzzle brake itself is made of nitrided steel, and the recessed target crown which is advertised to reduce bullet turbulence. The MDT Comp Brake is available in 6mm, 6.5mm .300 and .338 calibers with 1/2×28, 5/8×24, and 3/4×24 threads. The overall weight of this muzzle device is 0.44 lbs (7oz) and it has the following dimensions.

The MSRP of the MDT Comp Brake is $249.95. The price is identical for all caliber and muzzle thread options.

To learn more about the development and design of the MDT Comp Brake, watch the below-embedded video:

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