POTD: Finnish Army – These Boots Are Made for Walkin'

Eric B
by Eric B

Photo Of The Day: What’s life in the military like? Well, the Finnish Army picture above is a great example of things that can happen. We can hear Nancy Sinatra’s – These Boots Are Made for Walkin’ in the background. The rifle looks like an RK 62 M2, with an Ase Utra BoreLock flash hider and a front handguard with an M-LOK rail interface. The red dot is from Aimpoint.

Below: Building an improvised bridge to cross the water.

Below is a translation to understand what’s going on (machine translated from Finnish):

The fighting is in full swing in the # Hedgehog22 exercise in South Estonia. The battle pioneer team was able to test their skills in building a bridge over the water today. However, the bridge was not completed in the end, as the opponent was surprised and the crowd had to move elsewhere to continue the fighting.

Santeri Riuttamäki and Veeti Wasström, reservists of the pioneer team, say that the bridge was practiced together with the Estonians in advance. In the training situation, the bridge was completed until it was completed, and the reservists of the Jaeger Company got to practice crossing it.

– No similar bridge has been built before. The Estonian pioneer officer gave good instructions, Riuttamäki and Wasström thank.

They say that there has been close co-operation with Estonian soldiers throughout the exercise.

– In addition to the joint training, we have got acquainted with their equipment and introduced them to our own equipment. The bags of food have been exchanged on both sides, they laugh.

Probably better than swimming.

All photos from Maavoimat – Armén – The Finnish Army.

Eric B
Eric B

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