[NRAAM 2022] The Pristine Multi-Caliber Bolt Action Receiver

Luke C.
by Luke C.
[NRAAM 2022] The Pristine Multi-Caliber Bolt Action Receiver

Manufactured Perfection, Smooth Precision. These are the hallmarks of the Pristine bolt action receiver. Released just in time for NRAAM 2022, the Pristine bolt action receiver claims to be the smoothest bolt action currently on the market and it is also multi-caliber capable meaning you can train with less expensive ammunition, and then break out the expensive stuff for your PRS match when every second under the timer counts.

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[NRAAM 2022] The Pristine Multi-Caliber Bolt Action Receiver

[NRAAM 2022] The Pristine Multi-Caliber Bolt Action Receiver

The Pristine R700 drop-in will work with any Remington stock, chassis, and trigger without any modifications. The receiver and bolt are made from 416R and 4340 HTSR steel. Pristine uses a 6-lug interchangeable floating bolt head for unmatched security and strength.

This precision manufactured drop-in bolt is clearly intended for the dedicated PRS shooter who needs not only a durable and precise bolt but one that has a smooth action that can reduce cycle times for faster follow-up shots. One of the main focuses of the Pristine R700 bolt action receiver is its Frictionless Cocking Mechanism which can be operated with a pinky. The lighter bolt lift feel can be quickly and easily manipulated and significantly reduces the time between follow-up shots which is important during competitions.

[NRAAM 2022] The Pristine Multi-Caliber Bolt Action Receiver


  • 223 caliber actions are compatible with 17, 222, 223 Remington, 204 Ruger, and 224 Wylde.
  • 308 caliber actions are compatible with 225; 243; 308; 284; & 358 Winchester, 22-250 & 7mm-08 Remington, 6mm BR, 250 & 300 Savage, 6.5 x 284 Norma, 6.5 Creedmoor and 338 FED.
  • Accepts standard Savage pre-fit barrels for super-simple installation. (1.062/1.055 x 20TPI)
  • Accepts all standard Remington 700 triggers – no trigger hanger required.
  • Sako Extractor – larger than standard means no failures to extract.
  • Works with any Remington stock or chassis system.
  • Works with external magazine-fed and blind mag stocks.
[NRAAM 2022] The Pristine Multi-Caliber Bolt Action Receiver

An additional benefit of the frictionless cocking mechanism is that it reduces wear and tear on the entire system and also requires much less lubrication to operate leading it to better function in adverse shooting conditions that competitors will often find themselves in. The 6-lug bolt heads are currently available in .223 Remington and .308 Winchester and can be quickly swapped out for either training with less expensive ammunition, or for competition purposes. The bolt heads are designed to contain over 500,000 PSI for a rock-solid lockup in the worst-case scenario. The Pristine R700 drop-in bolt action receiver is available now from shootpristine.com for a price of $1,299.00 in either caliber, with additional bolt heads available for $199 each.

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Luke C.

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  • Jared Vynn Jared Vynn on Jun 02, 2022

    So it is multiple caliber like pretty much every bolt action receiver, unless there is some way of quickly swapping barrels not covered in the article.

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    • Ostiariusalpha Ostiariusalpha on Jun 02, 2022

      @J Fess That actually would probably work. You would still want to gauge the gun just to be sure you counted the number of turns exactly correct, but lining up a graved in mark would give quite precisely repeatable headspacing.

  • Dewey Dewey on Jun 02, 2022

    That video shows the COCKED rifle being opened. Unless the striker is in the fired position, lifting the bolt handle IS NOT cocking the mechanism. ANY cocked bolt action has a "one-finger" bolt lift. Why don't the TFB"experts" notice these obvious things?