TFB SPOTLIGHT: ACEBEAM Rider RX EDC Flashlights – Compact Utility

by Pete
TFB SPOTLIGHT: ACEBEAM Rider RX EDC Flashlights – Compact Utility

Everyday Carry, or EDC, has become a buzzword in the gun community. At its core, the EDC mindset is a reminder to be reasonably prepared for the day’s events and possibilities by carrying and having access to some basic tools, equipment, and supplies that can make life easier and safer. My EDC gear centers around three cornerstone items – pistol, knife, and flashlight – with easy access to secondary items like a tourniquet, spare magazines, less-lethal device, food, and water. Depending on the area of responsibility (AOR) you live and work in, your EDC items may vary widely. However, the one constant that is usually legal to carry and has a great deal of utility is the flashlight. Let’s take a look at the ACEBEAM Rider RX EDC line of flashlights that offer compact versatility.

Editor’s Note: This is article is sponsored by ACEBEAM and I have no hands-on experience with any of these lights. I will point out the features and some use cases and leave it up to you, the reader, to make your own purchase decisions.

TFB SPOTLIGHT: ACEBEAM Rider RX EDC Flashlights – Compact Utility

Being prepared for your daily activities is important. Carrying the right equipment can mean the difference between avoiding minor inconveniences (having your keys) or having ways to deal with major issues like power outages and personal protection. However, the EDC mantra can quickly get out of hand. Belts weighed down with large Swiss Army knives, multiple spare magazines, and backpacks full of excessive gear can all cause problems of their own.

TFB SPOTLIGHT: ACEBEAM Rider RX EDC Flashlights - Compact Utility

The old adage of ‘less is more’ should always be a consideration when choosing what to fit into your pockets and packs for your daily adventures. I like to break down EDC into two main categories: permissive environments and non-permissive environments. Permissive environments are locations and situations that allow you to carry weapons, ammunition, and restraints. Non-permissive environments restrict the carrying weapons and other items that may be legally or socially restricted based on your location.

EDC for Permissive Environments:
  • Guns
  • Edged weapons
  • Spare ammunition
  • Tools
  • Restraints
EDC for Non-Permissive Environments:
  • Money/Cards
  • Phone
  • Keys
  • Flashlights

It is up to you to know your local laws and regulations and decide what EDC gear you are allowed to carry each day. But even in the most non-permissive environments, a flashlight is usually acceptable and can make a big difference when the lights go out.

I. Size Is Everything

Make no mistake, when it comes to EDC, the size of the items in your packets and in your backpacks is important. In general, smaller and lighter is better – the days of C-Sized battery flashlights and six inch blades for everyday uses are over. When it comes to flashlights, high output and a solid beam pattern is the goal while still maintaining the smallest useable form factor as possible. Remember, the smaller the gear you choose, the more likely that you will be willing to carry it on a daily basis.

II. Power Options

A flashlight is useless without power and depending on your location, certain power sources may not always be available. For example, if you are traveling internationally, finding lithium batteries in some countries is nearly impossible. And packing extra lithium batteries, that can’t be packed in checked luggage, can be one restriction. Having a light that can accept multiple types of batteries is one key to a good EDC light.

III. Power Output

Keyring-sized lights are great for small tasks like looking inside a purse or a backpack. But when it comes time to see down a hallway or across a room, a light with a high output beam is the key to a quality EDC load out. A few years ago, 80 lumens may have been the maximum output for a small EDC flashlight. With recent LED emitter and battery enhancements, lumens and runtime numbers have increased dramatically. The ACEBEAM RX EDC flashlight has a peak output of 650 lumens.

IV. Switch It Up

The smaller the flashlight, the harder it is to design a useable and reliable actuating switch for always on and momentary use. Personally, I prefer a press button switch located on the end cap that is activated with the thumb. This style allows for a closed-fist hold that is stable and also allows for directing the beam while holding the light closer to the body. One key to a good flashlight is the ability to use it one-handed while leaving the other hand free to open doors or use other items like a knife or a pistol.

With all of the above considerations, let’s take a look that the ACEBEAM Rider RX EDC Flashlights.

Feature Highlights:

  • The Acebeam Rider RX uses a constant-current circuit design.
  • The Acebeam Rider RX EDC AA size flashlight with compression push-button switch.
  • Compatible power options (without modifications):

    Alkaline batteriesNiMH batteriesLithium batteries

  • A variety of housing color options.
  • High color rendering LEDs can preserve natural colors.
  • But one more key feature needed to add, that is this edc flashlight uses NICHIA 219F 5000K CRI90 LED.

ACEBEAM Rider RX EDC AA Flashlight

TFB SPOTLIGHT: ACEBEAM Rider RX EDC Flashlights - Compact Utility
  • MSRP: $50
  • Manufacturer’s page:
  • Max. output 650 lumens
  • Max. beam distance: 96meters (315feet)
  • Max. runtime: 7days
  • Peak beam intensity: 2,304cd
  • Buy on Amazon here.

Power Options:

  • 14500 USB-C Li-ion Battery:
  • Ni-MH Battery
  • Alkaline Battery
TFB SPOTLIGHT: ACEBEAM Rider RX EDC Flashlights - Compact Utility

ACEBEAM Rider RX Titanium EDC Flashlight

Power Options:

  • 14500 USB-C Li-ion Battery:
  • Ni-MH Battery
  • Alkaline Battery
TFB SPOTLIGHT: ACEBEAM Rider RX EDC Flashlights - Compact Utility

V. ACEBEAM RX EDC Flashlights – Conclusions

A solid EDC flashlight should be small, light, have a strong output, a quality switching mechanism, and optional power sources. All of these characteristics give the user the features to be successful at both daily tasks and in adverse conditions. Are the ACEBEAM RX EDC flashlights the right choice for you? Take a look at the specifications, evaluate your environment, and make a decision based on your needs.


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  • Mazryonh Mazryonh on Jun 02, 2022

    I thought that these compact flashlights would have crenellated bezels to make them more effective as striking tools or glass breakers, but it doesn't look like these models have that feature.

  • BluNos BluNos on Jun 02, 2022

    Streamlight ProTac 1L-1AA. I've had this for 5+ years without any problems.