TFB B-Side Podcast: Hollywood Guns & Knives with TFB Writer John B

Luke C.
by Luke C.

Hollywood has at best what I would call a tenuous relationship with the firearms industry. Much of the content that Hollywood puts out is often the inspiration for many potential young gun owners even if it’s not the intent. When I was a child, I distinctly remember wanting to have guns from specific movies like Terminator 2, Heat, and The Way of the Gun, just to name a few. However, despite the popularity of firearms on the silver screen, the attitude within the walls of many production studios and corporate board rooms remains negative towards guns as well as knives. To get an insider’s perspective on this odd dichotomy that resides within Hollywood we’re bringing on TFB Writer John B to talk a little bit about how guns and knives (Johns’s favorite subject) are viewed by people within the film industry. In addition to the main subject, this is also a good opportunity for the rest of you, readers here at TFB, to get to know the personality and background of John. Please welcome John B to the show!

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TFB B-Side Podcast: Hollywood Guns & Knives with TFB Writer John B

TFB B-Side Podcast: Hollywood Guns & Knives with TFB Writer John B

John B is a recent addition to the TFB writing team and he’s in deep out in the fairly non-gun friendly state of California. However, Due to his unique position within Hollywood, John is able to give us an insider’s perspective on firearms and knives within the sphere of the Silver Screen. John has written a great review on a 1911 .22LR conversion from Nelson Custom Guns that you guys should check out if you haven’t already. However, John’s main bread and butter lies within bladed implements and since guns and knives kinda go hand in hand, you should enjoy all of his upcoming content on TFB.

John B is a Los Angeles-based lover of knives, guns, and other dangerous toys. He spends his days trying to make the world a better place by slipping subversive humor into reality TV shows. And playing with cats. He can be found on Instagram as @bunrudge.

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  • Joe R. Joe R. on May 26, 2022

    The hobbled-AR pic above is like you showing me your 3-legged dog, and me asking if the dog had an accident, and you going, 'no, we did that on purpose'. It's easier to fix CA, you just have to kill some Fn commies.

    All gave some, some gave all, some still got it comin to them.


  • Thomas Maker Thomas Maker on May 27, 2022

    Hollywood knives................

    There are no sharp knives in movies/TV(only dull to the point of sawing your way through something for a solid minute) because actors can't be trusted with them.................