SILENCER SATURDAY #229: – AB Suppressor Raptor 762 – Subs and Supers

by Pete
SILENCER SATURDAY #229: – AB Suppressor Raptor 762 – Subs and Supers

Good evening morning everyone and welcome back to TFB’s Silencer Saturday Sunday brought to you by Yankee Hill Machine, manufacturers of the YHM R9 mult-caliber, multi-host suppressor. Two weeks ago we brought you a look at the AB Suppressor Raptor 5.56mm suppressor. This week we get a look at the Raptor 762 with subsonic 300BLK as well as 7.62×51 on a SIG 716 AR-10. Let’s check it out.

As a reminder, although I believe that the National Firearms Act (NFA) and it’s associated laws and regulations are completely unconstitutional, it is the law of the land. Be safe and follow the rules of purchasing/making, possessing, and transferring NFA controlled items.

SILENCER SATURDAY #229: - AB Suppressor Raptor 762 - Subs and Supers
News and Announcements:

Yes, it’s Sunday. My apologies for being late with this week’s edition. A combination of weather and construction kept me from fulfilling my weekly commitment to you all. Just think of it as Suppressor Sunday.

The Jay Situation Podcast – Pew Science

I did have time for The Jay Situation podcast. It looks like Jay will have some Knight’s Armament Company suppressor data to share soon. I talked with him briefly this week and we are trying to schedule a time for a podcast.

  1. Recent Testing. Adding to the pile, and the huge backlog. 5.56 stuff? Oh yeah. KAC? Yeah, that too. (00:06:58)
  2. Listener questions – why not?! Let’s answer some riddles from you – the audience. (00:25:46)
  3. New Sound Signature Review this week? Boy howdy is there one coming, and you need to buckle up. Strap in tightly, sir or ma’am. (01:02:42)
  4. The effort grows, and as it grows, PEW Science members continue to be the backbone. Thank you for your support; it is unwavering, powerful, and thoughtful. (01:05:26)
Dead Air Sierra 5 – 5.56mm Rifle Suppressor

The eagerly awaited 5.56 silencer from Dead Air is dropping soon. The Sierra 5 image and name are unofficial releases with the formal announcement dropping sometime in the next few weeks. For now you can tune in to the discussion about the”Sierra 5” with my friends over at AR15.COM.

TFB Suppressor News

Check out the writeup from Luke C. About the new DRF-22 Maxim Defense rimfire suppressor.

MAXIM has also announced the MKIV-SD integrally suppressed pistol.

And Eric B. also wrote about the Maxim Defense DSX-D rifle suppressors.

And I sat down with Travis Bundy from Maxim Defense at SHOT Show 2022

SILENCER SATURDAY #229: 300BLK Reflex – AB Suppressor Raptor 762

Time was short this weekend; my apologies for the lack of information. All additional observations will show up in the third installment of the AB Suppressor review.

My intent for today’s review was to focus on extreme quiet with subsonic 300BLK and using the Raptor 762 in its reflex configuration. My test unit arrived with a five inch reflex section instead of the three inch option (that’s what she said). Unfortunately, all of my semiautomatic hosts have gas adjustments or gas blocks that interfere with mounting with a longer over-the-barrel attachment. I may try to borrow a three inch section for the final full auto review in a couple of weeks.

One slick feature on the Raptor are the internal wrench flats on the direct thread mounts in case it gets stuck on the barrel.

SILENCER SATURDAY #229: - AB Suppressor Raptor 762 - Subs and Supers

Even with an SD handguard, the Raptor with a 5” reflex section wouldn’t clear the MCX’s gas controls. The 3” section will fit nicely.

SILENCER SATURDAY #229: - AB Suppressor Raptor 762 - Subs and Supers

Here’s a look from the other side with the SIG barrel taper adapter installed.

SILENCER SATURDAY #229: - AB Suppressor Raptor 762 - Subs and Supers
  • Manufacturer’s Page:
  • User Manual:
  • MSRP: $895 – $1095 (depending on length)
  • Sales Contact:


  • Materials: Titanium
  • Full Auto Rated: Yes
  • Caliber: 5.56mm
  • Minimum Barrel Length:

    7.62x39mm – 10.5”300AAC Blackout – 8″7.62NATO/.308WIN – 16”7.62mm Magnum Rifles – 22”.338cal Magnum Rifles – 26″

  • Diameter: 1.625”
  • Length/Weight:

    2 Spirals – 3.9”/4.45 oz4 Spirals – 4.7”/5.6 oz6 Spirals – 5.5”/6.85 oz8 Spirals – 6.3”/8.05 oz10 Spirals – 7.2”/9.5 ozFlush Mount – 1.6 oz3” Reflex Mount – 4.7 oz5” Reflex Mount – 6.1 oz

  • 1.375×24 Mount Adapter Available? Yes

AB Suppressor Raptor – Supersonic .308

This is one of those rare moments where I was actually more impressed with supersonic performance than I was with subsonic performance. Remember, .308 semiautomatic rifles are always going to be loud – hearing protection is required. But for the one shot without my muffs, the Raptor in the direct thread configuration actually did a very nice job at taming the blast from a 16” barrel.

SILENCER SATURDAY #229: - AB Suppressor Raptor 762 - Subs and Supers

The overall barrel length ended up being about 25 inches, which probably helped push the sound farther forward.

SILENCER SATURDAY #229: - AB Suppressor Raptor 762 - Subs and Supers
AB Suppressor Raptor – Subsonic 300BLK

On the SIG MCX with a 9” barrel shooting subsonic 300BLK ammunition, the results were just average. The report definitely had a higher/sharper pitch than I was used to with other 300BLK silencers. There’s a combination of design, host, and environmental factors that could be at play.

  • First, looking at my pictures, I realized I had the MCX gas setting set to + of adverse, which would increase the amount of gas pushed back down the barrel. That’s on me.
  • Second, the humidity was high and I was also under heavy tree cover where I normally shoot on a more open lane (the next door neighbor was cutting his fields at the time I went out). This can reflect the sound making it seem louder.
  • Third, the Raptor’s baffles aren’t clipped, which can be helpful at preserving accuracy but may also not be as quiet as the same configuration with clipped baffles.
SILENCER SATURDAY #229: - AB Suppressor Raptor 762 - Subs and Supers

In our final review we will be out on the normal range, with the correct gas settings, and hopefully with a 3” reflex section. Let’s see if we can push the Raptor in to the excellent category with subsonic ammo.

SILENCER SATURDAY #229: - AB Suppressor Raptor 762 - Subs and Supers

Thanks for reading. Be safe, have fun, and we’ll see you back here next weekend for another Silencer Saturday.

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  • Brett baker Brett baker on May 22, 2022

    AB with 5" reflex on a Ruger American Ranch should be very compact and quiet, then?

  • Mig1nc Mig1nc on May 22, 2022

    Also curious to hear your thoughts on its performance on 300blk supers.

    My LGS has one of these and I was like 99% set on buying it specifically for a 9" MCX.