POTD: U.S. Soldiers with Syrian Defense Forces

Eric B
by Eric B

Photo Of The Day and we have something that has gone Ka-Boom further down in the desert. We’re visiting the Syrian Defense Forces (SDF) as they conduct a live-fire exercise alongside U.S Soldiers in Syria. According to the caption, live-fire exercises like this provide the Syrian Democratic Forces and Coalition partners with the opportunity to simulate combat realism in a controlled environment.

If you can help us identify some of the firearms in these pictures, please do so in the comments below. Like the heavy machine gun mounted on the Toyota Land Cruiser above and below.

Below: U.S. Army crewmen fire a tube-launched, optically-tracked, wire-guided (TOW) anti-tank missile from a Bradley M2A3 Fighting Vehicle.

Another unidentified machine gun in the turret.

U.S. Soldiers assigned to 2nd Platoon, Alpha Company, 1/163rd Combined Arms Battalion, conduct a live fire exercise with the Syrian Defense Forces (SDF) in Syria

Below: U.S. soldiers assigned to 2nd Platoon, Alpha Company, 1/163rd Combined Arms Battalion, launch a Javelin shoulder-fired anti-tank missile during a live-fire exercise in Syria.

Photos by U.S. Army, Spc. William Gore – Combined Joint Task Force – Operation Inherent Resolve.

Eric B
Eric B

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  • Neat Neat on May 23, 2022

    Which top shelf tactical outfitter has secured the copyright for printing black and white bat stencil camo gear for next season? I’ll have to sell all my multicam black, but it would better match my kitchen.

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    • Neat Neat on May 23, 2022

      @Alex Ha! Fair. I dunno, though. It’s the only camo not camo I sort of tolerate these days

  • Ravinoff Ravinoff on May 23, 2022

    MG in the turreted SUV thing looks like a Chinese W85 or maybe a DShK. The pickup truck...that's definitely a torn-apart and repurposed 23mm autocannon off a ZU-23-2, the can flash hider is a dead giveaway.