Cabot Thunderstruck OAK Collection Custom 1911 Pistol

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    Cabot Guns’ OAK (One-of-A-Kind) Collection is where you can find the company’s most exclusive projects, pistols with unique engraving motifs made with the use of rarest materials. Last week, we took a look at the Fountainhead custom 1911 from the Cabot Guns OAK Collection. Today, we have another masterpiece from this deluxe pistol collection, the Cabot Thunderstruck.

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    Mother Nature conjures visions of safety and security, yet nature often reveals a dangerous side. Unseen, elemental forces collide and generate jagged shards of lightning that streak toward earth and create explosive sound waves of thunder in their wake. And although no one is ever literally thunderstruck, there are moments when we flinch away from an unexpected crash after a nearby lightning strike. Adventurers can affirm that geography matters, and occupying the high ground often increases the odds of a deadly strike.

    The Cabot Thunderstruck is a singular creation that could very well change this meteorological dynamic, with its beautiful Damascus steel slide resembling a topographical map.

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    The slide and grips of the Cabot Thunderstruck pistol are made of Damascus steel created by renowned multi-media artist Jason Morrissey who previously supplied materials for other Cabot Guns pistols including another OAK collection pistol, the Diablo Damascus. The topographical map resembling slide is made of Jason’s version of a twist steel, which yields intentional pockets of irregularity. The grips are made of a material created with a different, pattern-welded technique. The front and rear sights are machined out of a meteorite. Lastly, as in the case of many other Cabot Guns OAK Collection pistols, the Cabot Thunderstruck also comes in a book-shaped wooden case created by master woodworker Mark Huston. The gun is held inside the case via rare earth magnets allowing to store the cased pistol vertically, like a book on a bookshelf.

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