The DRF-22 – Maxim Defense's New Direct Thread Rimfire Suppressor

Luke C.
by Luke C.
The DRF-22 – Maxim Defense’s New Direct Thread Rimfire Suppressor

Shooting rimfire is an inexpensive and fun way to train. Suppressors by extension make that training a little bit more comfortable and a whole lot more fun. Maxim Defense is proud to announce its own addition to the rimfire suppressor market with the introduction of the new DRF-22. The DRF-22 or “Direct Thread Rimfire” suppressor is a monocore suppressor that has been specifically designed to eliminate first-round pop and purposefully designed to increase and maximize both the blowback and cyclic rate of the firearm that it’s attached to.

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The DRF-22 – Maxim Defense's New Direct Thread Rimfire Suppressor

The DRF-22 – Maxim Defense’s New Direct Thread Rimfire Suppressor

Why the DRF-22? Because the DRF-22 suppressor is specifically designed to minimize the increase in cyclic rate and gas blowback of a suppressed rimfire firearm.

Primary design features include the significant reduction of sound signature, decreasing flash signature, reduction of recoil, and increasing the accuracy of the suppressed firearm.

And let’s be honest. Who wouldn’t want a suppressed .22? With the right ammo, the most you will typically hear is the action of the bolt. What’s not to like about that?

The DRF-22 – Maxim Defense's New Direct Thread Rimfire Suppressor

The new suppressor will feature a simple three-piece design consisting of the end cap, mount, and monocore interior. The DRF-22 is completely user-serviceable and doesn’t require any specialized tooling or gunsmithing services. Even if you somehow manage a strike on the interior core, you can have the core sent back to Maxim for replacement without the need for the ATF to get involved as it isn’t a serialized part.

A couple of other neat features that the DRF-22 includes are its ease of removal even after running many rounds through it. According to Maxim, the DRF-22 will not only stay secured to the firearm but when it comes time to remove the suppressor for cleaning, only minimal effort will be required to unthread it.

The DRF-22 – Maxim Defense's New Direct Thread Rimfire Suppressor


  • State-of-the-art MonoKore design.
  • Simple 3-piece design.
  • Military-grade materials.
  • Adds 5.4” to the muzzle.
  • Specifically designed .22LR rifles and pistols.


  • Caliber: .22LR, .22MAG, .17HMR
  • Thread Pitch:½-28
  • Material Composition: 7075-T6 Aluminum and 6Al-4V Titanium
  • Finish: Black in color Type III MIL-SPEC hard coat anodizing Cerakote
  • Weight: 3.5 oz
  • Length: 5.9” overall length,
  • Diameter: 1.0” outer diameter
The DRF-22 – Maxim Defense's New Direct Thread Rimfire Suppressor

Maxim Defense DRF-22’s most defining feature is its elimination of first-round pop. Maxim Defense claims that there is “no detectable first-round pop” from the suppressor by optimizing both the entrance chamber volume and baffle geometry to fine-tune the fluid resistance to eliminate first-round pop without the use of a Maxim Defense M baffle.

The new DRF-22 rimfire suppressor is available for order now from the Maxim Defense website for a price of $439.95. Let us know what you think of this new suppressor offering down below and if you’d consider picking one up for any of your rimfire guns.

Luke C.
Luke C.

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  • Big Bang Big Bang on May 18, 2022

    It is different (4473) in that the amendment doesn't "state the right of the people to keep and bear suppressors shall not be infringed", but I considered that a long time ago. Trump is NOT a "republican" by any stretch, he's a damn game show host who can't form a complete sentence without a serious cringe factor. Again, if a piece of plastic (bumpstock) makes a semi auto AR a "machine gun", it is only a matter of time before some smartass in the form of "legal counsel" can reasonably articulate in a court of law that a semi auto AR is, in fact, a "machine gun" by it's very nature alone.
    Time will tell, and I hope I'm wrong, but don't bet the farm.
    Remember, you CAN own a machine gun, if you have the money and time, but possession of a piece of plastic will have you sharing a shower with some not so friendly dudes for a decade, and you can't obtain a "permit" for one even if you have the money, and the time, period.
    As far as a suppressor/muffler is concerned, what do you think is coming down the pike with that one after the d-bag in chief opened his yap about them, remember that?
    You want to roll the dice, go for it. You better hope I'm wrong about this, I sure do...

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    • Matthew Matthew on May 23, 2022

      @Big Bang Ex post facto. At worst you'd have to deal with the loss of what you've bought. I mean, at least if you complied. I won't argue if one should comply or not with laws they don't agree with. But neither a president nor congress can with a vote or stroke of a pen make people felons. They can moving forward....

      So you'd be out what you spent on your silencers, assuming there was no recompense for confiscation (not that I'd think there would be any, but maybe they'd refund tax stamps as some token). That would suck really bad. Especially those guys in for tens of thousands of dollars on them.

      I'd just hope anyone buying one realizes the possible risk of losing them some day and like any non-essential purchase only spent what they could afford to lose on them. I know I have and I sure don't regret what I have spent as they allow me to shoot when I otherwise wouldn't. My neighbors are okay with me taking care of ground hogs and bow hunting deer. But I am pretty confident I'd get some further away neighbor or busy body walking through the neighborhood who'd call DNR on me for shooting a ground hog with my 22 some day if it wasn't suppressed. Though all I am doing should be legal, I don't need that grief or finding out that somehow I was managing to violate something, like I didn't rush to grab a blaze orange hat before I shot that ground hog or something similarly stupid and get a $250 fine. Preserving my hearing is worth a LOT to me and though I don't think I'd destroy my hearing deer hunting over my life, I know it isn't doing favors for it. So I am grateful for hunting with a can on my deer rifle. And it tends to spook deer somewhat less too.

  • Big Bang Big Bang on May 18, 2022

    I didn't "declare" anything, and I seriously doubt a pair of earplugs will ever get you ten years in the clink. What I did point out is the idiocy of a stock transforming a semi auto defined, "into" a machine gun, which it, in effect, does according to the feds. Using that logic, someday, it WILL be argued that a semi auto AR is in fact a machine gun. That should make you pause, reflect, and consider what comes next. I have been around cans for a long time and they just don't blow my skirt up enough to be moved to the front of the "A" list when by decree, they become se prohibida, capiche?

    • Aono Aono on May 19, 2022

      @Big Bang You don't want a can because you might be persecuted for it in the future. You say that ARs will be subject to similar persecution in the future. The logical conclusion here is that you have not only written off cans, but also semi-auto ARs. Cool story