The New Bravo Zulu 350 Legend by Bushmaster Firearms

Luke C.
by Luke C.
The New Bravo Zulu 350 Legend by Bushmaster Firearms

Bushmaster Firearms is proud to introduce the new Bravo Zulu 350 Legend rifle. While the straight-walled 35-caliber hunting cartridge has received a mixed reception from the whole of the firearms community, many hunters in more restrictive states have learned to love it when it comes to filling their deer tags throughout the year for its combination of power and subdued recoil impulse when compared to .450 Bushmaster. The Bravo Zulu is now available from Bushmaster Firearms in the 350 Legend cartridge giving AR-15 hunters in restrictive states a new option to choose from when it comes to whitetail hunting.

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The 350 Legend cartridge (left and middle) - Photo: TFB Writer Matt E

The New Bravo Zulu 350 Legend by Bushmaster Firearms

Bushmaster Firearms is pleased to bring yout he Bravo Zulu, now chambered in 350 Legend. Combining a quality, 16” barreled, semiautomatic rifle with a straight-walled cartridge creates an impressive configuration for hunting medium size game. The 350 Legend’s down-range energy and penetration is superior to the venerable 30-30
Win, 300 BLK, and even has considerably less recoil and greater penetration than the common 243 Win round. The American hunter will find this rifle handy whether they are hunting deer on the open ground or black bear at the tree.
This new chambering for the Bravo Zulu™ carbine will provide flatter trajectories and less recoil than most other comparable straight-walled cartridges. While the 450 Bushmaster™ is excellent for bone-crushing penetration, the 350 Legend will likely be preferred by new and recoil-sensitive hunters.
The heart of each Bravo Zulu™ rifle is the DM2S™ two-stage trigger designed with a consistent and crisp break of approximately 3.5 pounds. The rifle design is further complimented by our BFI™ full-length handguard featuring MLOK® slots and QD sling swivel mounts. The superb rifle is finished off with an upgraded THRiL AR15 furniture kit.

The New Bravo Zulu 350 Legend by Bushmaster Firearms

The new caliber offering should prove to be quite useful for traveling hunters who might need a special state-compliant caliber offering, or who just want something that is less stout in terms of recoil in the straight-wall cartridge scene. According to the official press release by Bushmaster Firearms, the Bravo Zulu 350 Legend should be available to order now from your local Bushmaster dealer. At the time of writing, no pricing information for the new rifle has been posted online, however, I think we can assume it will be similar in price to the 450 Bravo Zulu which is sold for an MSRP of $1,299.99.

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  • Mehul Kamdar Mehul Kamdar on May 18, 2022

    When the 350 Legend first came out, it was not very popular here in Southern Texas. But it is now becoming increasingly popular with pig hunters both in ARs and in Ruger American boltguns. The rifles are cheap but accurate, you can put a cheap red dot on them and the ammo is also very reasonably priced at stores like Academy. The Bushmaster Bravo Zulu will sell. We have a lot of pigs to kill, and the 350 Legend is much more effective and cheaper to shoot than the 300 Blackout. The 450 Bushmaster is much more powerful, no doubt, but the recoil, the slower cycling and the recoil even in a semi auto have left it less than popular at least where I live. My local Academy store told me that only a handful of people buy the ammo there. They are unable to sell Ruger Americans in the caliber as well.

  • Xerxes036 Xerxes036 on May 19, 2022

    Great another story on a non ACR from Bushmaster ( and I know the Bravo Zulu has been out)