How To Show The World That You Are “Firearms Expert”

    How To Show The World That You Are "Firearms Expert"

    How To Show The World That You Are "Firearms Expert"

    So many of us are just bursting with knowledge about firearms and when we see that a popular blog or YouTube channel has posted about something we think we’re a firearms expert on, we just have to share with everyone right away! Below you’ll find some tips that can help you.

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    Firearms Expert

    A perfect example of being a firearms “expert”

    Firearms expert Do’s and Don’ts:

    • Don’t use punctuation or grammar. Putting stops and breaks in your meandering paragraph of knowledge just slows down the reader and makes their learning less efficient.
    • Do base everything you say on what you heard from some guy on the History Channel or an old man leaning against a gun store counter but never actually buying anything.
    • Don’t fact-check anything. You know what you’re talking about! And if you are going to fact-check something make sure it’s an obscure message board post from the late 2000s. They knew a lot about guns back then!
    • Do die on that hill. Make sure that you ignore anything to the contrary of what you just said. Defending your statements in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary just means you’re more right.
    • Don’t be afraid to use profanity and childish crude insults. This will break the psyche of those who doubt you!

    If you follow these simple rules, you’ll soon be known internet-wide as an authority on all things firearm-related!


    Don’t be the person described above. Everybody, when you want to share what you “know” with the rest of the community, just stop, and take a quick minute to double-check that what you’re about to say is accurate. And if you run into a post by someone that is not only ignorant but inflammatory and outright wrong, ignore it. Don’t interact with these people, that’s what they want.

    Unless you’re purposely being a troll… In that case screw you!

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    Tim C.

    Tim was introduced to shooting at a very young age and ever since then he’s been obsessed with Firearms and target shooting. He’s an active member of the TFBTV Discord and can often be found in the dark corners of small gun stores looking for long forgotten oddities.