POTD: Netherlands Marine Corps in Belgian Sniper Competition 'Snake '22'

Eric B
by Eric B

Photo Of The Day with a story from the Belgian Sniper Competition ‘Snake ’22’ and the Corps Mariniers or the Netherlands Marine Corps. Over the years, the Corps Mariniers have been using the Accuracy AWM, Accuracy International AXMC (like here) in .338 Lapua Magnum. They also have the Barrett M82 anti-materiel rifle.

Below: To my knowledge, the Netherlands Marine Corps are using the Glock 17 as a service pistol.

Caption, machine-translated from Dutch:

Snake ’22
Week 18 was dominated by the Belgian Sniper Competition ‘Snake ’22’. During this competition, various international sniper teams from France, Belgium and Great Britain took part. The delegation of the #KorpsMariniers consisted of the Recce-sniper operators; Marine Corporal Sergeant Stefan and Marine Corporal Mike.
The competition consists of 3 parts; one a day.

On day 1, the snipers complete a course with the Accuracy AX .338 from different (usually not ideal) positions. Shots were also fired from the pistol.
The next day featured a so-called Unknown Distance Shoot (UKD) up to 900 meters. With a UKD, the aim is to shoot at targets without known distances/sizes that must be hit as quickly as possible and with a maximum of 2 rounds per target. The ‘Night Shoot’ was held in the evening/night, where knowledge & skills are also central.

On the third day is the so-called ‘Live stalk’ of 12 o’clock, which started in the night. In doing so, one had to reach a High Value Individual (HVI) unseen, switch it off and then secretly withdraw again.
The scores of all components are of course taken into account. As well as the time and certain combinations of time and hits. The #marines Stefan and Mike turned out to be the best this year.
Congratulations Gents!

The military competitions nowadays seem to be very PRS-like, or is it vice versa?

Their motto is Qua Patet Orbis – “As Far as the World Extends”.

Images and original caption from Korps Mariniers on Facebook.

Eric B
Eric B

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