22LR Ammo with CuRx Bullets Available from Aria Ballistic Engineering

Hrachya H
by Hrachya H
Photo credit: Aria Ballistic Engineering

Cutting Edge CuRx family of .22LR bullets are machined solid copper projectiles for precision long-range shooting allowing to push the capabilities of the humble .22LR in extreme long-range competitions. Besides the projectiles, Cutting Edge also sells reloading dies and primed cases for reloading .22LR ammunition with their CuRx bullets. However, not everyone is able or willing to get into handloading and for those, Aria Ballistic Engineering is now offering .22LR ammunition loaded with the Cutting Edge CuRx bullets.

Cutting Edge CuRx Bullets @ TFB:

Cutting Edge announced the availability of ABE .22LR ammunition loaded with their CuRx bullets via the following post on their social media pages:

So many of you have asked about our 22lr CuRx line being available in loaded ammo.
Our friends at @ariaballisticengineering are helping to make that dream a reality.
They currently have our 32gr and 42gr CuRx 22lr Projectiles available in loaded ammo on their website as their 22 ELR line. They will also be working with load development of the 50gr for the fast twist rifles.
Check out their website below and enjoy shooting our CuRx projectiles without the handloading!

And here is how Aria Ballistic Engineering describe their ELR .22LR ammo loaded with CuRx bullets:

.22 Long Rifle (ELR) – This is ultra-premium long range ammunition loaded to precise standards. All our 22LR (ELR) ammo utilize Cutting Edge Bullet’s lathe turned copper projectiles and Aria’s in house powder blends for the highest velocities and accuracy possible!

The different-weight CuRx bullets and the twist rates required to stabilize each. Photo credit: Cutting Edge Bullets

Aria Ballistic Engineering .22LR ammo loaded with 32-grain CuRx bullets is listed on the company’s website at $30 per box of 25 rounds. Ammunition loaded with this lighter-weight flat nose CuRx bullet has an overall length identical to the standard .22LR and can be fired in barrels with the standard 1:16″ twist rate. The advertised muzzle velocity of this round is 1,725 fps.

The .22LR ammo loaded with 42-grain spitzer CuRx bullets can be purchased from the Aria Ballistic Engineering website for $34.5 per box of 25 rounds. These cartridges are longer than the standard .22LR and must be single loaded or used with longer magazines. Also, the long bullets require barrels with a faster 1:10″ twist rate. The muzzle velocity of this load is 1,450 fps.

Yes, I know, at $1.2 and $1.38 per round, these cartridges are extraordinarily expensive for .22LR ammo. However, the results when using this ammunition are expected to be extraordinary too. If you have loaded and used the Cutting Edge CuRx bullets, let us know what the cost of reloading was per round and what results have you achieved with these bullets. Is it worth getting into reloading .22LR or the loaded ammo offered by Aria Ballistic Engineering is the way to go?

Hrachya H
Hrachya H

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  • Big Bang Big Bang on May 12, 2022

    These should come with a lifetime supply of the same quality of crack the guy who thought these were a good idea, was smoking...

    • Derpmaster Derpmaster on May 12, 2022

      @Big Bang I did similar stuff with 22lr and light weight .224 bullets over 10 years ago for a laugh. It works, but there's absolutely zero point other than wasting a couple of hours. If 22 LR isn't doing it for you there's several other options.

  • Tom Tom on May 14, 2022

    It's interesting to see someone pursue better rimfire ammo but what point does a new game "Rimfire PRS" started under the idea of being more fun, cost effective and for ranges with shorter distances, just become another industry generated gimmick to get people to drop $10k on another rifle setup? If these bullets dominate, and there's no reason to think they won't, now anyone who wants to be competitive has to drop $1.50 a round for rimfire ammo, or you have to make a "factory ammo" class and that will just turn into what we have in most shooting sports now where guys spend $20k on two setups now for both classes because you can't run a factory barrel for this new ammo.

    It's no different than how "factory" or "production" classes in all these shooting sports get watered down to drive selling more aftermarket widgets that get allowed under those class rules. There was a time where competition was about the best shooters, making shooting fun, and growing the sport, now it's only about how many different games/divisions we can make up to get people to spend as much $ as possible for industry products. Then change the rules every year or two so they have to buy new gear to stay competitive.

    I used to think trap shooting was a $ suck, but at least there even if you spend $15k on a shotgun that same shotgun is going to be competitive for 20 years. You can spend $10k on a precision rifle now and in a couple years, you'll need a new $5k optic, or $3k binocs, $2000 tripod, new $1000 bipod, $500 in new shooting bags the list goes on and on.