Underground Arms Watch – May 2022

    Underground Arms Watch – May 2022

    Dusting off the Underground Arms Watch series after a dormant start to the year, we return with a look at some recent examples of ‘ghost guns’.

    First up, here’s a curious Tokarev TT33 which appears to have a non-standard frame. It was seized along with a VZ61 and drugs by police in Queensland, Australia in Dec last year. It doesn’t appear to be a commercially available finished or unfinished frame and lacks a lanyard loop seen on the original.

    Underground Arms Watch – May 2022

    “Police have seized an automatic machine gun after a search warrant was executed at a property in Coochin Creek this morning.

    Officers from the Sunshine Coast Criminal Investigation Branch and Tactical Crime Squad conducted the search at the property along the Esplanade where the a automatic UZI type weapon was located along with a 9mm handgun, a large quantity of ammunition and a quantity of drugs.

    A 55-year-old Coochin Creek man arrested and charged with two counts of unlawful possession of weapons, four counts of possess dangerous drugs (opiates, steroids, cannabis and MDMA) and one count each of authority required to possess explosives, receiving tainted property and possess utensils.

    He is due to appear in Maroochydore Magistrates Court tomorrow (December 17). Queensland Police

    Underground Arms Watch – May 2022

    This MAC-10 submachine gun was seized In Edmonton, Alberta, Canada from a suspected drug trafficker and appears to be made from a combination of original and homemade parts. While the upper and lower appear to have originated from original guns, the magazine well and magazine itself appear to have been made from steel rectangular tubing.

    Underground Arms Watch – May 2022

    In March police in Anambra State, Nigeria seized this locally made semi-automatic pistol, which are usually chambered in .32 ACP.

    Underground Arms Watch – May 2022

    The operatives from the Anambra State Police Command have arrested two suspected cultists operating in different locations in the state.

    The arrest was made, following an onslaught recently launched against cultists and violent crimes in the state, during which they arrested one Mr. Onyedika Okwuibe, and one Chimaobi Ezeoke in Awada, Idemili North Local Government Area; and also arrested one Samuel Nwankwo in Ufuma, Orumba North Local Government Area of the state.

    According to the Spokesperson of the Command, DSP Tochukwu Ikenga, the arrests also led to the recovery of one English beretta pistol, one locally fabricated gun, one motorcycle, one live ammunition, among other exhibits. PM Express

    One ammunition. Still, it’s probably a better deal than whatever this guy is packing:

    Underground Arms Watch – May 2022

    A typical example of a homemade submachine seized in Bahia state, Brazil in December last year. The grip doesn’t look too comfortable.

    Underground Arms Watch – May 2022

    Underground Arms Watch – May 2022

    An unusually configured ‘M4’ 9mm submachine gun which was more unusually seized with a decent amount of ammunition. Ammunition in Brazil is typically sold in packets of ten which cost around $20 for 9×19 and $25 for .380 ACP.

    The People’s Defense Force (PDF) rebel group currently fighting the government in Myanmar have reportedly been developing an improvised 5.56 semi-automatic rifle.

    People’s Defense Force in Ayeyarwaddy successfully produces 5.56 caliber ammunition ==================================

    A People’s Defense Force (MPF) in Ayeyarwaddy Township has successfully developed a 5.56-caliber revolver. According to Ayadaw Bone Naing PDF, the projectile can fire up to 10 rounds of ammunition at a time with a single-barreled shotgun. “We started making hand-made pistols, and then we started watching the videos on YouTube. It took us more than 10 days to make the test drive, and we succeeded in testing it.

    The cost of the equipment, including ammunition, is estimated at around 400,000 ( Should be ~215 USD). For hundreds of thousands of revolutionary comrades who have not yet been equipped with modern revolvers, the low-cost maneuvering is a great achievement.

    “If you have money, you get a lot ahead,” he said. Sometimes we have to stop producing weapons when we do not have the funds. Production has not been successful, and there have been floods. In that case, we have to stop and raise funds to produce it again. I think we will be more successful if we have a lot of money and can produce calmly, ”said the production manager. Ayadaw Bone Naing PDF starts with Tu Mi.

    Angle rifle Long-range artillery was developed, and now a single-action pistol capable of firing up to ten rounds at a time. Despite the success of the test-drive weapon, Ayadaw Bone Naing PDF’s weapons officer said that the people needed help to produce more weapons. The Ayadaw Bone Naing PDF is seeking to join the National Unity Government (NUG) as a battalion under the Ministry of Defense and is expected to provide weapons from the Ministry of Defense. Link

    A novel homemade shotgun design made by PDF rebels appeared in January which fires from an open bolt that locks back after each shot. The ‘magazine’ is actually a bottom-feeding shell dispenser to enable fairly quick manual loading.

    The PDF have most recently been producing magazine-fed 5.56 bolt action rifles. Although details are thin, it is possible that these are smoothbore and are primarily intended to make use of widely available ammunition captured from the military.

    Myanmar’s Sagaing Province resistance forces imitated a strangely shaped AK47 with the name of the donor printed on the butt of the gun

    On March 12, 2022, the Ayadao Falconry Force (AF2) in Ayadao Township, Sagaing Province, Myanmar announced its self-developed hand-made rifle, and ingeniously printed the donor’s name on the butt to pay tribute. Said that it will serve the people with weapons made with funds provided by the people and end the military dictatorship. inf.news