The Kukrax Bent Axe Gets a Straightened Kukri Sibling: The 180 STBR

    About two years ago, we introduced to TFB readers the Kukrax, a unique axe/kukri hybrid that was quick in polarizing opinions in the comments. Pearson Industries, the developer of the Kukrax, is back with a new model, a large camp knife introduced as a “straightened kukri”.

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    Kukrax straight kukri

    The original Kukrax with the 180 CHPY.

    The Kukrax Bent Axe Gets a Straightened Kukri Sibling: The 180 STBR

    Here below, in Pearson Industries’ informal and tongue in cheek style, is the “Press Release” on the product:

    Since its release the Kukrax has been sold to woodworkers, bushcraft enthusiasts, forestry and survey professionals, wildland firefighters and to members of one of the world’s coolest (and most tasteful) Special Forces units.  Due to “implied endorsement” concerns we can’t really even say what country they serve but they did say their new Kukraxes are “freaking sick”.
    As you no doubt know, historically a knife and a hand axe have almost universally been viewed as a set (weapon or tool), therefore we are pleased to announce the upcoming release later this summer of the Kukrax Kukri 180 STBR.  As the name implies, the Kukri 180 answers the age-old question of what would happen if you took a traditional Nepalese Kukri and straightened it (and added a guard).
    The result is incredible. With a seventeen inch overall length and an 11.25″ blade, the knife is of full tang construction using heat treated 1075 high carbon steel and black traction coating.  Like the Kukrax itself, the new knife will come in two varieties: the Kukri 180 CHPY with walnut handle scales and a leather sheath and the Kukri 180 STBY with black  Micarta scales and a Kydex scabbard.
    Target MSRP is under $200.00 (like a nickel under) for each.
    Kukrax straight kukri

    180 CHPY straightened kukri.


    • Overall length: 17.00″ 
    • Blade length: 11.25″
    • Construction/Material: One Piece Full tang/heat treated 1075 carbon steel
    • Handle scales:
      • 180 STBY: Black Canvas Micarta
      • 180 CHPY: Walnut
    • Sheath:
      • 180 STBY: Kydex
      • 180 CHPY: Leather
    • Finish: Black traction powder coating
    • Weight:
      • 180 STBY: 24.0 oz.  (1 lb. 8.0 oz.) -estimate-
      • 180 CHPY: 22.1 oz.  (1 lb.  6.1 oz.) 
    • Retail MSRP: $200.00
    • Availability: Late Summer 2022 (180 CHPY)
    • Made in El Salvador
    Kukrax straight kukri

    Kukrax family.

    So far we have only photos of the 180 CHPY prototypes, but we can expect the 180 STBY to have a handle similar to the one of the micarta Kukrax.

    Overall, straightened kukri concept aside, this knife may be less divisive than its elder sibling and it leaves few doubts that it can be a useful tool. If you’re interested in the development of this product, you can follow the Instagram page @kukrax. You may also contact Pearson Industries at [email protected] to enter your name in a non-binding waiting list, to purchase the first samples manufactured.

    All images courtesy of Pearson Industries.

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