JP5 Production Models Delayed Until July Due to Heat Treat Issues

    Originally meant to debut at Shot Show 2021, the JP5 is a unique roller delayed blowback 9mm AR carbine. Last year JP Enterprises started taking pre-orders for the JP5 production models intending them to be released 4th quarter of 2021/early 1st of 2022. In an update video posted to YouTube, JP Enterprises President John Paul has announced that the JP5 production models will be delayed until at least July this year.

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    The update on the JP5 Production Models

    I know that there’s a lot of frustration with the delaying of delivery, and believe me there is no one out there more frustrated than we are, for all of these unforeseen things that were beyond our control. – John Paul, President of JP Enterprises

    JP5 Production Models

    Closeup of the left and right sides of the JP5 upper and lower receivers

    To summarize the video above, John Paul talks about how, after the first 50 prototype guns were sent out for testing by “high volume users”, they used feedback to tweak the design and finalize the JP5 production models. But when production was slated to begin some parts vendors were backlogged for as much as 8 months, along with batches of certain parts arriving and not passing their QC process. This latest delay occurred when at the last minute before shipping was to begin, there was a critical component that was found to not meet metallurgical heat treat specs. After trying everything they could to fix the issue they, unfortunately, had to scrap the entire run of parts and change the process of production to keep the issue from occurring again.

    JP5 Serial #1

    As someone who has worked at a small production facility and had to deal with delays and problem products from vendors along with unforeseen issues with equipment and quality, I can sympathize with JP Industries. I also applaud them for not just shipping the guns out as they were and sticking to their principles on quality. I think everyone would rather have a rifle that’s flawless a little later than one that might be unreliable now. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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