The Calonox Trinity – Leica’s First-Ever Premium Riflescope

    The Calonox Trinity - Leica's First Ever Premium Riflescope

    Leica is well known German optics company that is probably more renowned for their cameras than its sports optics. However, the company has been slowly adding to its sport optics category, and today they are happy to announce their first-ever Premium riflescope with the introduction of the Calonox Trinity. This new riflescope is intended to offer shooters a “turnkey” solution for both day and night time precision shooting applications.

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    The Calonox Trinity - Leica's First Ever Premium Riflescope

    The Calonox Trinity – Leica’s First-Ever Premium Riflescope

    The new Calonox Trinity is a fusion of the new-ish Amplus 6 3-18x44mm riflescope and their Calonox Sight clip-on thermal combo. So in addition to a nice and clear optics experience, you’ll also have access to nighttime shooting capability with the thermal clip-on.

    The Calonox Trinity - Leica's First Ever Premium Riflescope

    The Standalone Calonox Sight Thermal Clip-On can be used by itself or attached to the riflescope.

    By packaging Leica’s 3-18x44mm Amplus 6 riflescope with their Calonox thermal sight, using the correct Rusan adapter, customers are offered arguably one of the best turnkey, day-to-night optics on the market. This new adaptation to the revolutionary Calonox line sees Leica continuing its long and successful track record in digital image optimization and extends its excellent reputation as a camera manufacturer. Leica’s innovative image processing (Leica Image Optimization – LIO) improves the image using special algorithms, to achieve particularly sharp, detailed color gradations, excellent contrast, and high-detail resolution.

    The Calonox Trinity - Leica's First Ever Premium Riflescope

    The Calonox Sight has four different color modes to choose from including White Hot, Black Hot, Red Hot, and Rainbow which can give you different information and contrast for identifying targets. In addition, the Leica Calonox Sight comes standard with a wide field of view and features a high-end vanadium oxide sensor with a 384×288 viewing screen with a pixel size of 17 μm. While the new Leica Calonox Trinity is not yet listed on the Leica website at the time of writing, I’ve seen the same package being offered over on and it seems like it is selling for a price of around $5,000, although it’s not in stock there either. Let us know what you think of the new Leica Calonox Trinity so far and if it seems appealing to you as a hunting rig or might be useful for other applications.

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