TFB Review: The New CZ Scorpion 3 Plus

    TFB Review: The New CZ Scorpion 3 Plus

    Recently CZ has announced their new Scorpion PCC onto the market. The previous scorpion has been a favorite on the market since its release in 2014. With a fresh look and some control changes, the new Scorpion 3+ has people talking about the new variants of the popular Scorpion line. I managed to get my hands on one and after a few months of range time, I can confidently give the new Scorpion a fair shakedown. Let’s take a closer look at the new CZ Scorpion 3 Plus.

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    TFB Review: The New CZ Scorpion 3 Plus


    The new Scorpion 3 Plus is an improved generation compared to the first and second-generation Scorpion models. When first looking at the new 3+ model, you start to see there were a number of cosmetic changes as well as control changes to improve the overall experience for shooters.  The most noticeable change is the overall lower frame design which matches its big brother, the Bren 2. In addition to the frame change, CZ also changed the pistol grip position and safety selector so it won’t rub your hand at all when firing. The other large change from the previous generation is the inclusion of an AR-15 style magazine release and new magazines. The 3+ magazines will fit in previous generations but the older style mags will not fit in this Scorpion 3 Plus.
    TFB Review: The New CZ Scorpion 3 Plus
    Currently, the Scorpion 3+ comes with two 20-round magazines that are black instead of the translucent magazines that shipped with previous variations. For the Scorpion 3+, CZ has started to include robust metal iron sights on every model as well as a Magpul hand stop as standard. Apart from the cosmetic changes and the switch in controls, the Scorpion action largely remains the same as previous models. The old magazine release is now a bolt release with a separate AR-style magazine release. Currently, the Scorpion 3+ is shipping out to dealers and is available now. MSRP on this little guy is $1,299.
    Magazine Capacity:  20 Rounds
    Magazine Type:  Double stack polymer
    Frame:   Fiber-reinforced polymer
    Sights:   Adjustable, Aluminum
    Grips:    Polymer, adjustable for reach to trigger
    Barrel:   4.2 in, threaded 1/2×28
    Weight:  4.7 lbs
    Overall Length14.63-inches
    Height:  8.9-inches
    Width:   2.4 in
    Safety:  Ambidextrous thumb safety
    MSRP:  $1299.00

    Range Time

    Just like my MP5K, I decided to make this a spicy little SBR and immediately filed my paperwork when the Scorpion 3+ came in. At first, I was worried since the new 3+ variant hasn’t been out very long so I was rather curious if the older style Scorpion stocks would fit on this guy. Once my paperwork came back on it, I decided to pick up a Reptilia Corp Link System with a Magpul stock. In my opinion, this is one of the best-looking stock systems for the Scorpion while keeping that compact trend going with the gun. In addition to the new stock, I threw a Trijicon RMR and Anvl Ukon on top for an optic setup. A Huxwrx Rad 9 suppressor and Lead Faucet Tactical LFT hand stop also made their way onto my Scorpion 3+.


    From the factory, the Scorpion 3+ comes with two 20-round magazines with no other magazine options available for it at this time. CZ USA confirmed the larger 30-round magazines are on their way. I ended up converting a couple of the older generation 35-round Magpul magazines by cutting a notch into them for the new mag catch. As far as range trips go with the Scorpion 3+, I have roughly 5 range trips totaling just over 750 rounds so far. Some of the biggest differences to the new 3+ variant are certainly the controls updates. The new layout feels very similar to an AR-15 when it comes to the magazine release.

    Factory 20rd magazine (right) with the retrofitted Magpul magazine (left)

    Mag changes can be done very quickly compared to the older style, but sending the bolt home was a bit of an adjustment for me. The new bolt release placement can be a bit of a stretch depending on your finger length. For me, it was a bit of a long reach, but the addition of an MP5 style release gives shooters the option to use the charging handle just like you would with a standard MP5 which is my preferred method. One upgrade that was a big difference overall was the safety selector and grip change. The different grip angle and safety selector make shooting the Scorpion 3 Plus much more enjoyable.

    RELIABILITY and accuracy

    Out of the multiple range trips, the Scorpion 3 Plus has been 100% reliable with no malfunctions or hiccups. One of my favorite parts of the Scorpion 3+ is the polymer handguard being wide enough to fit a suppressor under it. During testing, I used a Rad 9 suppressor from Huxwrx with great luck so far.

    When it comes to accuracy, the Scorpion 3 Plus has a 4.2″ barrel so it’s important to remember expectations with this firearm. At 50 yards, I was roughly getting 1.75-2.25″ groups with Federal 115gr ammo and Blazer 124gr ammunition. While those are definitely not sub-MOA numbers, it’s not bad for such a PDW with such a short barrel. I have the confidence of knowing I can make further shots with such a short firearm. I personally think that accuracy is 100% respectable out of a firearm of this size and this type of firearm isn’t built for long distances so the accuracy is good in my book.

    Overall Thoughts

    So what is the overall thought on the CZ Scorpion 3+ after a couple months and over 750 rounds? Honestly, I really like the changes CZ decided to make on the new Scorpion and I think they add up to a better shooting experience. I like the new AR-style magazine release with the new positioned bolt release. It may be a little tricky to release but after some practice, it’s definitely a fast way to reload the firearm. The big downside is magazine compatibility with older models. I wish they would have designed it to take previous generations of magazines, but I get it’s not possible with the AR-style magazine release.

    Overall I think they are moving in the right direction with the new Scorpion and I’m excited to see the new variants come out down the road. What do you guys think of the changes and the overall look of the new Scorpion 3 Plus? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. If you have questions about the new Scorpion 3+ or just firearms in general, feel free to shoot me a message on Instagram @fridgeoperator. Stay safe out there.

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