TFB Behind The Gun Podcast Episode #42: Rich Angstadt

    TFB Behind the Gun Ppdcast Episode #42: Rich Angstadt

    Angstadt Arms is well known for its high-quality personal defense-oriented firearms. Although most of their guns fetch a high price, Angstadt Arms is often well worth the price of purchase if you’re looking for a “buy once cry once” type of platform and today we’re showcasing a great interview between our Editor in Chief Pete and the man himself – Rich Angstadt. In this episode of TFB Behind The Gun podcast, Pete and Rich talk about the new Angstadt Arms roller delayed blowback PCC, the MDP, and some of the struggles and hurdles they’ve had to overcome to bring it to market since its announcement during SHOT Show 2020. For those curious, the MDP-9 still isn’t quite out yet but quality takes time. Angstadt Arms has released a public announcement regarding the new roller delayed gun on their Facebook page if you’d like more information.

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    TFB Behind the Gun Ppdcast Episode #42: Rich Angstadt

    TFB Behind The Gun Podcast Episode #42: Rich Angstadt

    Angstadt Arms was born in an incredible time during the firearms industry as ARs and 9mm AR-style PCCs and pistols started to become extremely popular. Since then, Angstadt Arms has grown quickly and rapidly to meet consumer demand and along the way they’ve continued to innovate and provide firearms owners with quality, American Made guns with a price to match that quality. Please welcome Founder of Angstadt Arms Rich Angstadt to the show once again!

    About Angstadt Arms:

    Rich Angstadt started Angstadt Arms in 2014, the company was born from his passion for shooting sports and a desire to continue the dynasty of Angstadt master gun makers.

    Comprised of 10 skilled craftsmen, the Angstadt family of gun makers handcrafted long rifles for over 100 years during the 1700 and 1800 hundreds. These guns were a perfect blend of form and function – a work of art that could be used to gather food or defend your family.

    The modern Angstadt rifle is no different. Aided by the latest in design and manufacturing technologies, each firearm we build is machined from the best materials and equipment and hand-finished by skilled men and women (many of whom are veterans). The end result is a beautifully crafted firearm that will hold up to continued hard use and perform when you need it the most.

    TFB Behind the Gun Ppdcast Episode #42: Rich Angstadt

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