TFB Weekly Web Deals 6: 22LR Rimfire Ammunition

Luke C.
by Luke C.

Welcome to TFB Weekly Web Deals 6. In the past, we didn’t have the same flexibility with Amazon deals to get the word out about ammunition deals and sales online. Now that we do, I figured it might be good to start off with some 22LR rimfire ammunition to help satisfy your plinking needs. Rimfire ammunition is no longer priced as cheap as it was but it has come down in price some in comparison to the last two years when we were routinely seeing standard velocity ammunition go for as high as 16 or 17 cents per round during the height of the pandemic. So while the days of 3 or 4 cent 22LR may be gone, you can at least take a little comfort in the fact that the reactionary pricing is at least half gone and starting to come down to more manageable levels. Either that or you’re laughing at the rest of us from your throne made entirely out of boxes of 100-round CCI Mini-Mag sleeves.

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TFB Weekly Web Deals 6: 22LR Rimfire Ammunition

A quick side note before we list out all the deals. I do my best to get you guys the most up-to-date pricing possible and my hope is always that these deals will still be around at the time of publishing. This isn’t always the case and for that, I apologize but sometimes deals run out fast and oftentimes suppliers run deals without a definite end date. May the odds be ever in your favor.


Price: $11.99

CCI Mini-Mags are my go-to ammunition for Steel Challenge Competitions. Mini-Mags have always been reliable, accurate, and will cycle in just about any semi-auto 22LR gun which is why I often favor them over other cheaper high-velocity ammunition. The current price per round for CCI Mini-Mags from Palmetto State Armory is right at $0.12 per round.

Ideal for small game hunting and general plinking, CCI .22 Mini-mag long rifle ammo is one of the industry’s leading rimfire rounds. For years CCI has provided exceptional performance and is a reliable source of ammunition for any shooter. Clean-burning propellants help to keep the action cleaner and non-corrosive so you can shoot your rifle without any second-guessing.

TFB Weekly Web Deals 6: 22LR Rimfire Ammunition - Photo: PSA

CCI MIni-Mag 40-grain Round Nose High Velocity – 100 Rounds – Palmetto State Armory


Price: 39.99

Ah yes, ye olde Remington “Thunderturds.” This ammunition is not really the best in terms of quality, accuracy, or reliability and many people will note that the ammunition will leave your guns gunked up in lead if you go through a whole 500-round box but at least they are more or less dirt cheap compared to other 22LR ammunition. My most recent experience with Remington 22LR Thunderbolts was with the SIG Sauer P322 which ate two entire 500-round bulk packs of the stuff without a single hiccup which I thought was quite impressive. However, it left the muzzle device pretty dirty and I still have yet to clean it up. This is a pretty hot deal as I’ve found the same bulk packs available for about $10-$15 more at big box stores.

TFB Weekly Web Deals 6: 22LR Rimfire Ammunition - Photo: PSA

Remington .22 Long Rifle 40GR RN High Velocity – (500rd Bulk Pack) – Palmetto State Armory

Aguila Super Extra High Velocity, .22LR, CPSP, 40 Grain, 250 Rounds

Price: 17.09 (Sportsman’s Guide Buyer’s Club Members)

Price: 17.99 (Non-Members)

I’ve also had a lot of recent experience with this particular ammunition with the P322 and a couple of other handguns and it performs nearly identical to CCI Mini-Mags (just with a slightly different smell). These High-Velocity 40-grain loads have an advertised velocity of 1,255 FPS and this in combination with the bullet weight makes them cycle very reliably in almost any semi-auto rimfire gun.

TFB Weekly Web Deals 6: 22LR Rimfire Ammunition - Photo: Sportsman's Guide

Aguila Super Extra High Velocity, .22LR, CPSP, 40 Grain, 250 Rounds – Sportsman’s Guide


Price: $39.99

Palmetto State Armory made an oopsie when they listed these on their website. I recently ordered some and instead of 40-grain ammunition, I ended up with their 38-grain ammunition that normally comes in a milk-carton style box. Not a huge deal since I had only intended to use it for practice but the stuff runs well and so far they’ve cycled perfectly in all the semi-auto guns I’ve tried them in.

TFB Weekly Web Deals 6: 22LR Rimfire Ammunition - Photo: PSA

Note: The listing on the PSA website is incorrect – I learned this the hard way. The listing says these should be 40-grain lead round nose bullets but they are actually 38-grain lead round nose and the price per round is not $1.00 per round – it’s 9 cents per round.

CCI Blazer .22LR 38GR LRN Ammunition – 425RDS – Palmetto State Armory

Norma TAC-22 High-Performance Target, .22LR, LRN, 40 Grain, 50 Rounds

Price: $7.12 (Sportsman’s Guide Buyer’s Club Members)

Price: $7.49 (Non-Members)

Norma TAC-22 is probably my favorite rimfire ammunition line from Norma. It’s clean-burning, cycles well, and actually works really well as subsonic ammunition out of most guns in the right weather. I’ve also found Norma TAC-22 to be supremely accurate out of my Ruger Precision Rimfire and I’ve also run a handful of 50-round boxes of it through the P322 without issue. Overall, great ammunition, and right now it’s priced at 14-cents per round kind of like the CCI Mini-Mags are up above. Not the best price for a sub-sonic 22LR cartridge but I’ve found it to be very reliable and consistent across the board and that’s worth something to me.

Norma TAC-22 High-Performance Target, .22LR, LRN, 40 grain – 50 rounds – Sportsman’s Guide

Thanks again for stopping by to check out this week’s deals on 22LR rimfire ammunition! Let us know if you found any of these deals helpful and what kind of pricing you guys are finding out there in the wild! As always thank you for reading at TFB and we’ll see you next week!

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  • Jack Cash Jack Cash on May 03, 2022

    TAc-22 is $4.50 / 50 at PSA right now with free shipping if you buy 10 or more.

  • Dead Sirius Dead Sirius on May 05, 2022

    I've had better success with friends that have been hoarding ammo for a while. In the past week, I've gotten 8,500 rounds, with most of it being Eley, CCI and Norma. Average price was just under 8cpr. No need for me to pay retail for a few months.